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Attendees: Ann-Marie Breaux , Nick Cappadona , Jennifer Eustis Leeda Adkins Jenn Colt@christie

Agenda topics:

  1. Current development: Sprint 116:
    1. Finalizing Juniper releases, Iris Hotfix 2 releases
    2. Juniper bugfix release next week related to MARC Authority work, to distinguish types of MARC records when necessary and leave them generic when not
    3. Prep for Juniper Bugfest (which starts on 28 June)
  2. Field protection fixes: review examples
    1. How did testing go?
    2. Other things to add to examples page?
    3. If you include field protection in a job profile explicitly, is it working as expected? (other than having to include it explicitly) - maybe do some testing around that?
    4. After this, follow-on work to override field protections (once they are working properly) and update individual SRS fields
    5. Will not be done by Iris Hotfix 2, needed in an Iris Hotfix 3?
  3. Has anyone created successful MARC to Instance Identifier matches for 010, 020, 022, 024, 035, 9xx fields? If so, it would be great to see examples. Developers still need to work on some identifier matching bug fixes
  4. Bug when creating Instances instead of matching/updating them: MODDATAIMP-427
    1. Review the bug and confirm preferred action
    2. Not planned as an Iris hotfix since it's an edge case. Needed as a Juniper bugfix? Or can it wait until Kiwi release?