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Review Strategic Goals and ObjectivesTeam

A group of FOLIO members contributed to the FOLIO Vision, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives which was published in December 2020. The Community Council will review this list and begin to identify and prioritize its goals for the coming year.

Continuation of  review via Google Doc version of Wiki page

  • Mid 2022 ongoing (see comments in the document)
  • Action item:  July 12, 2021: continue at "Somewhere between 2023 and 2025" - see document
  • Point of discussion: is it realistic to fulfill all requirements listed in the document? Prioritization, Orientation, "Big picture" → Innovation
  • Action item: Mike G. pulls out all CC items and produces a CC tasks list for further engagement
 List of Institutions are live with FOLIO and which Apps)Team

Communications: Discussion on Meeting times. List of ideas/discussion - still in progress.

Onboarding: Subgroup from CC to work with/support Community Outreach Group: Mike G., Tom, Simeon, Rachel - no progress.

Elections: New TC/PC starting this week


  • As of July 1 I should be paying all FOLIO expenses.  Working with the OLF Treasurer to get started.
  • I have not yet received a FOLIO credit card so the OLF Treasurer might have to help out for a little while longer.
  • The first set of FOLIO membership invoices were due July 3.  More than half have paid, one check was misrouted in the mail, we know two other checks are on the way.  Some US members may have been waiting on July 1 for a new FY and not all can spend funds immediately, plus the US holiday.  Maybe next week I'll get in touch with members who haven't paid.
  • Right now it looks like our income is very slightly above our expenses, including the two developers



  • Handing in of proposals for Charleston Conference is due on Friday, July, 16, 2021

New Member Campaign: