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This site holds documentation about the FOLIO project in general and the work of the Special Interest Groups.  For more information about the folio project, see  New to the FOLIO wiki?  Set up an account on and use that same username and password here.

Important Documents

FOLIO Product Council

The FOLIO Product Council, also called the SIG of SIGS, will act on behalf of the OLE Community and FOLIO partners to express and champion OLE priorities in the development of FOLIO and the FOLIO Library Service Platform, and ensure the relevance and cohesiveness of the FOLIO to the OLE Communityproject. 

Special Interest Groups

A Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of practitioners from libraries and services providers that are interested in contributing to a specific functional area of the FOLIO platform.  The currently active SIGs are:

Spaces by category

How to join in the work of a SIG

SIGs are open to anyone, and details about each SIG can be found at the links above.  Once there, look for these places to participate:

  • The SIG's public discussion category on Discuss.  Look for the "Communications Channels" in the SIG's home page right sidebar.
  • The SIG's Slack channel.  More information on joining Slack, see the FOLIO Communications Spaces document.
  • Most SIGs hold a periodic meeting on WebEx. Look for the "Meetings" heading in the SIG's home page right sidebar.
  • Contact the SIG's convener(s).  Look for the "SIG Convener" heading in the SIG's home page right sidebar.

Creating a SIG

FOLIO Special Interest Groups can be created by anyone.  See the Special Interest Groups page for more information.

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