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What did we do well?

  •  Nataliia is back from vacation
  • We are close to finalizing development of MARC Holdings 
  • Karate tests scope for Kiwi is mostly finished


What should we have done better?


  • Lack of experience at DevOps team who support rancher
  • Lack of memory at rancher env
  • Rancher env is not stable
  • Karate tests for not used modules should be skipped
  • Deactivate unused modules


  •  Experienced Senior DevOps env is required to maintain rancher env
  •  Cost optimization for Rancher env to reduce lack of memory
  •  Gather team's amount of time that is required to sort out rancher issues
  •  Discuss with community/ Anton following suggestion - "Karate tests for not used modules should be skipped"
  •  Review possibility to deactivate unused modules

August 2021:

  •  Completion of MARC Holdings development will be close to Kiwi release deadline
  •  Rancher env is not stable
  •  Provide overview how karate/jest/rtl help to identify regression issues

June 2021

  •  Request verification of Folijet related work at A-M
  •  Requirements for QM Hot Fix were changed too often
  •  Be consistent regarding QM changes
  •  Test changes as soon as possible
  •  Lot's of pressure, need to think how to deal with it better
  •  Hard to get logs from bugfest. Logs are posted to S3 bucket only one an hour.

May 2021

  •  Difficult to test DI with Rancher
  •  DI testing is challenge to the team 
  •  Issues with Holdings are still happened
  •  Pay more attention to scratch env and prioritize work related to maintenance. Create a Jira tickets for resolving scratch env issues
  •  Provide test data to create good enough tests of SRS Search API

April 2021

  •  Revisit DoD
  •  There is no clarity regarding way of resolving deriving of MARC bib functionality
  •  Rancher env gets broken // 
  •  Unexpected P1 bug related to SRS

February 2021

  •  RTL tests bring more complexity and additional code refactoring to eHoldings → All required refactoring effort should be visible and should be added to Jira → Denys Bohdan
  •  Spring improvements will be part of team work→ Conduct meeting with people which are interested in Spring and ready to assist with required changes → Oleksii Petrenko  

January 2021

  •  Work on improvement of integration tests
  •  Spend more time for testing 

December 2020

  •  Password development took longer than usual. Are there ways for the entire team to better understand complexity and level of effort to help with backlog prioritization? → Break down all tasks and not hide non-functional work at functional stories → Team
  •  Several issues has been identified at Honeysuckle, need to verify clean setup also → Oleksii Petrenko
  •  Add more resources to scratch env → Oleksii Petrenko
  •  Verify multi tenancy during release preparation period → Oleksii Petrenko  

November 2020

October 2020

  •  DT - In general module releases went well, but one issue (with logging) was not payed attention to immediately. This led to additional patch releases of several modules/libraries - Move to Release retrospective → Oleksii Petrenko
  •  Additional time is required for get practice with Rancher for successful roll out → Team
  •  Rancher service should put some notifications regarding resources stopping and allocation. Reach out to Sergiy Vysotskiy and Stanislav MiroshnichenkoOleksii Petrenko

August 2020

  •  50% Validate prepared stories quicker when it is deployed to Snapshort environment → Khalilah Gambrell Patty Wanninger
  •  Issue with MOD-USER-IMPORT: Expectation of user is contradict with team's one
    •  Validate requirements by User Management SIG group or PO(Ian Walls) from MOD-USER-IMPORT before presenting them to the team → Khalilah Gambrell

July 2020

  •  Bugfix release cause misunderstanding when working with different jira projects and different git projects.
  •  Post new process instruction to Spitfire channel
  •  Need stabilize release process

June 2020

  •  Prepare possible plan for extending current testing approach → Denys Bohdan Maksym Dryha Vladyslav Velytskyi  
    •  Verify affected areas manually → Team
    •  Report issues to stripes team while development → Team
    •  Check all acceptance criteria while dev testing → Team, Khalilah Gambrell
    •  Sync with BE team and dependency detection → Team
  •  Part of definition of done (Include accessibility testing to testing activities by FE team) → Oleksii Petrenko
  •  Run accessibility checker more frequently and include it to CI pipeline (Run once in the sprint by FE team) → FE team
  •  Clarify more carefully hidden scenarios in acceptance criteria → Team, Khalilah Gambrell
  •  Create stories more carefully to avoid situation that we missed some at the end → Team, Khalilah Gambrell
  •  Include to release preparation plan interface update for 2 weeks before release deadline (Bump up latest version of interfaces were too later) → Oleksii Petrenko