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Convener: Martina T.

Notetaker: Martina T. / Felix


  • All: Please edit the attendees list below and indicate when you are there!
  • Next ERM meetingSep 29thOct 6th
    • looking for volunteers to describe how Agreements vs. Agreement Lines are used to handle different use cases
    • looking for volunteers for a FOLIO Forum: in a panel presentation on how FOLIO libraries are managing ERM & acquisitions, specifically:

      • walking through the acquisition of a new e-resource start to finish (ordering, invoicing, activation, and agreement tracking)
      • walking through a renewal from an orders/invoices/agreement perspective
      • maintaining changes in title lists year over year
  • all questions and topics for the ERM implementers meeting can be posted on this confluence page:
  • Open discuss posts: right now no new posts regarding erm


  1. Development progress - ERM Sprint 123
  2. Bulk Editing (Magda Zacharska)


Development progress

  • Work for Kiwi release deadline (Oct 6th)

  • Background work – ui interface stripes was updated – work to be compatible with the latest versions of stripes
  • Some bug fixes and some work on different approaches how data is imported into the internal local KB 
  • Now available: In the amendment view you can see all “amendments on parent license” and can navigate between the amendments without going back to the parent license first

Bulk Editing

  • ERM use cases can be shared in this document:
  • Magda's slides: will be attached later FOLIO Bulk Edit
  • Timeline wise it will be a longer project until 2023, starting with Users, followed by Inventory items
  • Error handling (slide 26): The error file has to include the user's barcode in order to identify the record in the exported CSV file
  • Does that CSV include the UUID for the thing being updated/deleted as well? Yes, when downloading the matched records CSV (slide 13) it will include all fields from the user record including the user's UUID.
  • The CSV exports will include the label for fields where the value is actually a system UUID, e.g. instead of exporting the UUID for the user group the export will contain the label ("staff").