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Wayne Schneider: Perhaps data normalization is a better term than integrity in this context
Ian Walls: How much does it 'cost' to spin up a module in terms of cluster resources?  How much of that is overhead, and how much is meaningful logic?
Wayne Schneider: That’s a great question, Ian. Of course, it depends (in large part on the data set).
That is, if you’re trying to operate on a lot of data at once, you need more heap. If you’re operating on one thing at a time (e.g. circulation), not so much.
Root, Jason M: Indeed there are some memory requirements that are determined by the module developers. I consider those the “minimum requirements” for memory at least.
Ian Walls: The topic of "making FOLIO easier to install" has been brought up in all 3 Councils several times in the last few weeks.   So it's getting airtime
Philip Robinson: That’s good to hear, Ian - I knew TC was on it of course but didn’t know about the others

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  •  Jason Root will ask Paula Sullenger to have us speak up in the Implementers Group.
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