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Attendees: Ann-Marie Breaux, Jennifer Eustis

Development update: 

  • Kiwi release timeline: 2nd week of Sprint 124
  • Kiwi Folijet planning: dashboard where you can see the current scope and status of Data Import work for Kiwi
  • Current Data Import feature development dashboard and bugfix support
  • Most recent development work
    • Working on Kiwi releases and a few Juniper hotfixes 
    • Added the new identifier types and default MARC-to-Instance mappings for them
      • Cancelled system control number
      • UPC
      • Invalid UPC
      • ISMN
      • Invalid ISMN
  • Optimistic locking:
    • Breaks quickMARC, Remote storage, Data Import (Inventory updates only)
    • All teams working on bugfixes, but safest to 
    • Release Kiwi with OL turned off for Inventory, then test thoroughly during Lotus development, then turn on in Lotus
  • Starting Kiwi Bugfest environment prep
    • Last week, we discussed keeping a few and adding TestRail cases to see if the migrated profiles work properly. Has that happened?
    • Next steps:
      • A-M to remove extraneous profiles
      • A-M to create draft TestRails, that folks can hopefully help finalize at MM SIG on Thursday