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Announcements 15 minutes


  • Open call for anyone to make an announcement
  • Bugfest is next week! Bug Fest R3 2021 Kiwi timeline. Claiming tests began October 11th. 
  • Lotus development begins October 11th


  • Oleksii will create a confluence page for the use of Release field 
  • Oleksii presented Lotus dashboard of planned work 
    • Helps with predictability for what can be completed in a release 
    • POs discussed how to break down RTL/JEST work across features

UX Patterns

  • Gill
    • Record view > Edit UX improvement
    • Streamline Accordions UX patterns 
30 minutes 


  • Gill presenting proposed changes to navigating and editing information via accordions
    • Supporting anchors to find what you are looking for... 
    • Potentially change Notes helper app to add/edit a note within a form
    • Questions how to introduce significant changes to app to prevent User Shock 
      • App dropdown > What's new and help? 
      • Improve awareness 
    • Display buttons on Accordion header  
    • Not displaying Empty accordion - ERM implemented in Iris 
    • Restrictions of rows (tenant level) - ERM implemented in Iris 
  • Homework for POs 
    • Review Gill's ppt 
      • What do you think of these patterns?
      • Which patterns should be applied across FOLIO 
      • Charlotte: applies to prev/next pagination