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10 minIntroductionsEveryone
10 minReview charge (again)Ingolf
30 min

What should we start with? (Review discussion/action items from Augustl kick off meeting)


From Holly:

People seem to be eager to start talking about migration options now.  If we don't start this, others will.  We need to make sure we have open, inclusive discussions.

Wayne Schneider to ask as liaison between this SIG and the dev group–we want to make sure that we don't duplicate effort or overlook anything.

Deployments and Documentation

In general, existing documentation has been written for developer. Now we need documentation from the sysadmin point as we start planning production-oriented deployments. Current documentation assumes a level of knowledge that not everyone understands. Very good for devs already familiar with all concepts, not so good for sysadmins or people trying to get and instance up and running. Would like to see the concepts all introduced. One thing missing is a conceptual diagram, need a system architecture description from the sysadmin perspective.

We may want a subgroup to look at migration and production deployments.

Can we share CI scripts to get started? See github:

Many on the call are looking at cloud deployments. Calls for a container deployment, maybe we can share Docker files for each back-end module so that we can build Docker containers for each. CI process builds Docker images.
EBSCO is building their own Docker images, as they are targetting a highly multi-tenant system.

Existing documentation:

Dockerfile for Okapi

CI generated Docker images
Developer documentation (need something equivalent for Sysadmins)

SIG Wiki

What are top deployment platforms? Collecting on Deployment Environments page.

Wayne and Craig have done deployments that are moving toward production-ready. Can we put together an outline for what needs to be in the documentation. Craig can maybe give high-level documention, but would have to stop short of details. Would be useful to jump-start the documetation and a deployment process.

In next month, Index Data will be trying to build a more production-ready depolyment for more public consumption without the constraint of building a commercial hosting service.

10 minWhen should we meet again?  How often?Ingolf

Will meet at same time each of the next two weeks, Dec. 14 & 21, to establish momentum, then take a holiday break.

Long term will want to change time because it collides with the Product Council