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take attendance,

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Sharon Beltaine

Previous Notetaker: Peter Murray

Today's Notetaker:

 SIG representationcompositionSharon BeltainePlease Review of Reporting SIG composition: please review front page of Reporting SIG for and make updates to your role description
 Folio Architecture Peter MurrayQuestions on Peter Murray's "Deep Technical View of FOLIO architecture" presentation?

Folio CodexVince BareauQuestions on Vince Bareau's "Folio Codex and Reporting" presentation?

Use CasesSharon BeltaineDeveloping use cases for reports on data within an app, reports on data that span apps, reports on data that span FOLIO systems

Other topics?All?

Next Meeting Agenda

(December 18)


Agenda items for December 18 Meeting:

  • next meeting is January 8