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Comment: Updated Slack information after channel consolidation


  • Reporting SIG notes and meeting recordings are public. (See our Google Drive for older videos or our recordings page for recordings beginning on January 31, 2022.) If you want to contribute to pages in our wiki environment, where our meeting notes are stored, you’ll need to set up a wiki account. (Actually, you create an account for the FOLIO JIRA system, and then you use the same username and password to log into the wiki.) The Google Drive folder for the SIG should also be public, but sometimes it seems to require signing in with a Google account.
  • Please subscribe to our SIG mailing list, though typically the only emails on the list are weekly meeting reminders. (You can go to the general lists page and use the form on the left to choose “FOLIO Reporting SIG” and subscribe.)
  • We’re also fairly active on Slack, if you’re interested in joining that community discussion space. You can first join the FOLIO Slack, then you can add yourself to some of the reporting channels (e.g., #reporting-general and/or #reporting-users if you’ll be running queries yourself)channel. You can also join the Metadb/LDP Slack for more detailed discussions about that platform. If you're new to Slack, Slack offers a getting started with Slack guide.
  • While it's not very active, you can go to and request an account by clicking on the Sign Up button on the upper right. The Folio Reporting discussion site section is

  • We also ask each Reporting SIG member to join a subgroup to work on developing reports. Information about how to join a team is available in our SIG meeting notes. We have the following teams:

    • RA/UM Team (Resource Access and User Management)

    • MM Team (Metadata Management)

    • RM Team (Resource Management)

    • ERM Team (Electronic Resources Management)

  • Please update your entry in the Reporting SIG Roles table on the Reporting SIG Home page in the Folio Reporting wiki. Please also list your subgroup and indicate what activities you will participate in (prototype/query/test/consult).