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  • project communication updates
  • new members
  • Inventory App Demo
  • Developer Meeting updates
  • plan future topics

Discussion items


Assign notetaker,

take attendance,

review agenda


Previous Notetaker: Vince Bareau

Today's Notetaker:

general updatesSharon

-communication on the Folio project: more use of Discuss, points from 1/18/18 PC meeting

-new page on Joining the Folio SIG

  new members Lina and Michael

 Introduce our new Reporting SIG Members:

 Lina Lakhia from SOAS

Michael Patrick from the University of Alabama

Inventory appCharlotteDemonstration of the new Local Inventory app in Folio

Developer Meeting updatesSharon, Vince, Peter, Harry, Mike, Katalin, Robert, others?

Updates on Folio Reporting from the Developer Meeting:

Reporting Tools List


Report 1 Session Notes

Report 2 Session Notes

Report Tools Comparison

Product Owner Role for Reporting

Agenda updatesAll

Topics in the queue for future meetings:

-data integration presentation by Paolo from Duke

-Christina Raus to discuss datawarehouse design

-data dictionary

-data lakes

-more topics?

Action items