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Discussion items


Product Council update
  • Discussed Kirsten's announcement about development efforts going towards ERM.
  • RA SIG will discuss the ERM tomorrow.
  • On May 7-11 World Open Library Foundation Conference (WOLF-CON) will be held at Duke. The intention is to gather not only the FOLIO community together, but other open source efforts in the library world. An agenda outline is being formed. Logistics are being worked out.
  • Updates about WOLF-CON will eventually appear on the web. Mike Winkler will notify us about it.
  • Dracine recommended reading Holly's weekly OLE status report.
  • A good turnout for a FOLIO reception at ALA is anticipated.
  Forum facilitators update / linked data WG update / any other announcements 
  •  Lynn: Need a volunteer convener for next week's (2/15) meeting. Email Lynn if you are interested.

Resource/Format WG update

notes from 2/5 meeting:

Recommendation from WG to MM-SIG for discussion:

Add Instance "Issuance" (element name TBD) metadata element to convey seriality of the instance. Content for element = distinct, integrating, continuing, (collection?) - are there others?

MARC BibLvlInstance Issuance element

a - Monographic component part

m - Monograph/Item

i - Integrating resourceintegrating

b - Serial component part

s - Serial


c- Collection.

d - Subunit


  • "Integrating" : An example of this could be a news website ; there is no fixed instance when the information is constantly changing.
  • Patty suggested "complete" may be better to describe the issuance of a monograph, instead of "distinct."
  • Wayne - "Collection" - The reason we represent these in MARC is a sort of compromise. Do we need to represent this in the inventory app in FOLIO? Lynn is considering in accomodating the legacy data we have in libraries.
  • Lynn is wondering if the four instance issuance elements are adequate to describe the issuance models that exist.
  • Ann-Marie - Do we need something to represent electronic packages?

Inventory app discussion

Discuss requirements for Searching and filters:

Discuss what data do we want to make searchable, and do we want to have an advanced search option. 

Codex search demo

Action items