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Upcoming Meeting Dates (all Mondays):

March 12, 2018March 19, 2018

March 26, 2018

TopicContactsPossible DateNotes
Data Lake POC (Proof of Concept) Project UpdateAnne Highsmith, Ryan, Chris, Mark, Matt, Tod2/26/18DONE
BIRT Report Demo for POC ProjectChris Creswell3/5/18DONE
Updates on POC Data Lake ProjectMatt, Mark, Tod, Anne, Chris, Sharon3/5/18DONE
Next Steps for Data LakeAll3/12/18
Germany FOLIO Group Reporting ToolsIngolf Kuss

Tags WorkgroupAnne-Marie Breaux3/12/18
Data ElementsAnne Highsmith, Charlotte Whitt3/26/18?see if ready first
Translating Reporting Requirements into Reporting DeliverablesSharon, Harry

-perhaps best done by a working group?
Best Reporting Tools to use for FolioAll

Data Lake architecture overview

Vince Bareau, Mark, Matt

Consortial Reporting NeedsDavid Dahl

Data Migration subgroup activities

Ingolf Kuss, Anne Highsmith

Reporting Deliverables in the FOLIO Feature Backlog (formerly: V1 Dev & Milestone plan 2)Harry Kaplanian, Vince Bareau

Data Dictionary for Folio Reporting

data storage units define their JSON schema; may be able to generate dictionary automatically (Tod Olson)
Data Warehouse/Lake Design (see how POC goes first)Peter Murray, Vince Bareau, Christina Raus

Call for Tags App Subgroup from PO Ann-Marie BreauxSharon, IngolfASAPTags are also relevant for Reporting. Who of the Reporting SIG will join the subgroup ?