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StatusPossible DateTopicContactsNotes
Confirmed12/17/18FOLIO reporting database for eUsage and ERM dataAnnika Schroer

FOLIO eUsage App

-application will enable harvesting, entering, storing, and providing COUNTER Usage Data

-Bjorn Muschall, Kirstin Kemner-Heek

12/17/18Organization of reporting tickets in JIRA: 5 EpicsSharonWe'll review the 5 Epics that form the umbrella for all reporting-related tickets in JIRA to better understand what they cover and to consider whether or not there's more to add (e.g., reporting functionality goes where?)
Confirmed12/17/18Remaining In-App JIRA issues to reviewHollysee notes from 11/26/18 meeting
TBDJanuary 2019Review of In App reporting with Filip, UI designer

TBDJanuary 2019Next update from the Reporting Prototype Subgroup


FOLIO Export Function for Tables: recheck on progress

  • in what apps will it be implemented in FOLIO?
  • will the "Export to CSV" functionality be consistent in the UI?
  • demo of progress

In-App Report Review

-do they meet our expectations?

-are the priorities correct?


Oct 1 Reporting SIG meeting

-How to Assign yourself to your reports in JIRA

-Holly's overview of the upload

-Holly's review of how to use JIRA filters to find your reports

-next steps for Report Protypes

??New schedule for Data Warehouse

DONE8/27/18?JIRA interface to and tagging for data warehouse reports ("dwreports") and Consortia SIG reports.Holly, David Dahla new interface to the data warehouse reports in JIRA is being drafted, and we are looking at ways to include the Consortia SIG reports; in this meeting, we will look for Reporting SIG feedback on both of these
??Develop reporting requirements checklist for Product Owners to detail data structure needs for data warehouse; related to Microservice Certification standards; Accessibility SIG is using this approach

Review dwreports in production JIRAHollyreview
??Reports and the MARCcat AppTiziana

Sept 10update on Report PrototypingWorkgroup

Sept 10Reporting DataWare Design updateNassib
?8/27/18?Updates on reporting JIRA ticketsNassib, Vince

Nassib Nassab - Reporting: Reference Implementation UXPROD-943

Vince Bareau - Reporting: Data Lake UXPROD-330

??Prioritize all Data Warehouse reports ("dwreports")Holly, Sharonafter determining how we will track the progress on our reports that use the data warehouse, we will need to add criteria to capture the priority of each report
??ERM Reporting

Kirstin Kemner-Heek

ERM Reporting
to be scheduledto be scheduledWhiteboarding session with Metridoc to design Data WarehouseJoe Zucca, Nassib Nassar


will require several meetings

Data Warehouse Design RequirementsAll

The next step for the Reference Data Warehouse is to bring our request to Technical Council for their thoughts on design of the infrastructure to build it. We'll need to communicate our design requirements, so we'll take a look at what's most important to include.



will require several meetings

Reporting Data Element VerificationPOs and SIGs in RM, RA, and MMMeetings with POs and SIGs to verify availability of data elements for all reports in the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet. If Data Elements not available, work with PO for that functional area to generate user story and JIRA ticket to include gaps and/or missing data elements.
To be scheduled?Reporting Certification for Microservices
consider what microservices architecture needs to be present to "certify" it for reporting
To be scheduled?Capturing Historical Data for ReportingData Migration SubgroupHow do we approach the issue of data migration for historical reporting purposes? Do we add historical data to the data lake as a separate data warehouse? Do we bring historical data into Folio?
Best Reporting Tools to use for FolioAll
To be scheduled
Tags Subgroup UpdateSimona Tabacaru
To be scheduled
Changes to ARL annual reportingTod Olson
To be scheduled
Data Dictionary for Folio Reporting
data storage units define their JSON schema; may be able to generate dictionary automatically (Tod Olson); consider Lunrjs to get JSON; talk to POs about data dictionaries for their areas (e.g., loans)


Oct 1 Reporting SIG meeting

-How to Assign yourself to your reports in JIRA

-Holly's overview of the upload

-Holly's review of how to use JIRA filters to find your reports

-next steps for Report Protypes


Prioritizing Reports

Assigning Yourself to Reports in JIRA


FOLIO Export function for tables of data

  • Holly gave a demo of current state of "Export to CSV" function for Loans and Fine/Fees
Holly-check in with Holly on the status of this
DONE10/22/18Overview of GlintNassib Nassar
DONE8/6/18Reporting Needs for Consortia SIGDavid DahlDavid Dahl and other members of the Consortia SIG will attend the Reporting SIG meeting to discuss consortial reporting needs.
DONE8/13/18Review of University of Penn Libraries Metridoc Data Farm Project: Open Source Data WarehousingJoe Zucca, UPennSee
DONE7/23/18Review of JIRA Tickets for ReportingHolly, SharonHolly and Sharon to walk through current reporting-related tickets being created in and being migrated to the FOLIO JIRA Ticket system
DONE6/25/18Feature Prioritization and Gap analysisHollyWe will review results for gap analysis on reporting-related topics on the Feature Prioritization spreadsheet being ranked by first implementers this week. We will focus on in app reports, data warehouse, and data elements for the data model.
DONE6/18/18Next Steps for In-app ReportingHolly MistlebauerHolly is stepping in as Interim Product Owner for Reporting until Product Council assigns a permanent Reporting PO. She will be joining us for Reporting SIG meetings and working with other Product Owners on reporting issues. Today, she will discuss next steps for in-app reporting.
DONE6/18/18Add reporting example links to Reporting Requirements SpreadsheetSharon, HollyPlease take a second look at the reports you have identified in the Reporting Requirements spreadsheet to make sure there is an example report linked. The examples are proving quite useful for the development of JIRA tickets to generate reporting functionality in FOLIO.
DONE6/11/18BibControlIngolf Kuss, Klaus Hoverath

June 11th- A presentation on BibControl will be given by Klaus Hoverath of Triangle Solutions, a company specializing in providing data warehouse, ETL, OLAP and Business Intelligence Solutions. . Their clients are 70% to 80% libraries and that he has currently between 30 and 40 libraries as clients, which are part of the GBV or hbz network . With BibControl, he is a partner of OCLC. See Triangle Solutions flyer for more information.

DONE6/4/18Draft Data Warehouse Proposal ReviewSharon BeltaineJune 4th - We will review and discuss the draft of the Data Warehouse Proposal to be presented to Product Council on Thursday, June 7.
DONE5/14/18Indepth review of session notes from WolfConAll
DONE4/30/18Inventory Data Elements and ReportingChristie Thomas (MM SIG)

Review data elements identified by MM SIG and Data Migration Subgroup from a Reporting perspective. What's missing? How does the data mapping work? What's been identified so far?

DONE5/7/18Data Lake JIRA Ticket Conclusions

Jeremy Huff (TAMU Dev) and Frances Webb (Cornell Dev) joined the Reporting SIG meeting on 4/9/18 to discuss JIRA ticket OKAPI-570 , which had been entered into the Folio Issue Tracker to capture recent discussions about concerns related to the approach taken in JIRA tickets UX-PROD-331 and UX-PROD-332. These are development tickets for building the technical infrastructure to support Folio Data Lake environments. OKAPI-570 details concerns and offers alternative proposals for the implementation of reporting features residing in OKAPI’s core, dereferencing at the time of report generation, the impact of schema mutation on report creation, and implementing message queues as an internal component of reporting and/or OKAPI core.

Since then, Vince Bareau has made comments on each of the issues raised in JIRA ticket OKAPI-570, the developers have discussed these issues, and Jeremy Huff has added Conclusions as a follow-up to each of the issues raised in the Google Doc associated with JIRA ticket OKAPI-570

We will review these Conclusions and see if there are any additional questions.

DONE4/23/18Loan Reports with Loan PO Emma BoettcherEmma BoettcherReview reports related to loans to identify gaps, increase understanding, etc. Please attend if you have Circ Loan Reports in the requirements list.
DONE4/9/18, 4/16/18Reporting Topics for WolfCon
  • we are working on enabling SIG members to join the conference by calling into sessions via ZOOM
  • gather input on reporting topics for WolfCon
DONEConfirmed for 9am on 4/9/18New Strategies for Folio Development to Support Data Lake Reporting: Discussion with Texas A&M and Cornell Developers on new FOLIO JIRA TicketsJeremy Huff, Frances WebbThis needs to be at the top of the agenda.
DONE3/26/18UXPROD-331 and UXPROD-332 JIRA Tx Review - Reporting SIG to review tickets entered in JIRA to support development of the external reporting environment (Data Lake/Store/Warehouse)AllDONE
DONE2/26/18Data Lake POC (Proof of Concept) Project UpdateAnne Highsmith, Ryan, Chris, Mark, Matt, TodDONE
DONE3/5/18BIRT Report Demo for POC ProjectChris CreswellDONE
DONE3/5/18Updates on POC Data Lake ProjectMatt, Mark, Tod, Anne, Chris, SharonDONE
DONE3/12/18Tags WorkgroupAnne-Marie BreauxDONE
DONE3/26/18Data Elements definition in Data Migration SubgroupAnne HighsmithDONE

4/2/18, 4/9/18, 4/16/18

Translating Reporting Requirements into Reporting DeliverablesSharon Beltaine
DONE4/2/18Review of Folio Feature Backlog with Updates for Data Lake SupportHarry KaplanianSee
DONEDONECall for Tags App Subgroup from PO Ann-Marie BreauxSharon, IngolfDONE - Simona Tabacuru has joined the Tags App Subgroup