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    1. Resolved via renewal or check in item – staff get a note “this item is claimed returned – found by library? Or found by patron.” Found by patron = they may owe overdue fine or lost item processing fee if that policy applies for your institution. Found by the library= no fees/fines kept (suspended fines/fees go away)
    2. Resolved via declared lost? Should this reinstate any fines/fees associated with the loan? Item goes from claimed returned to declared lost. Patron charged fees/fines for the item being lost. Holds the patron responsible.
    3. Resolved via declared missing? Should this provide the opportunity to cancel associated fees/fines? Library believes the patron, but item hasn’t been found. Fees/fines go away. Cancel the suspended fees/fines.
    4. Canceling the claimed returned – no functionality yet, but this has been specced out by Emma. Use case is for item that is checked out, patron says they returned it, but then phones/emails when realize they didn't return it –  canceling the 'claimed returned' would return item to state it was in before the 'claimed returned'.

Question about workflow for replacement copies -- There is no feature, but suggestion is to bill the item as lost. Use a workaround and create a payment type of “replacement copy” in FOLIO. Pay the lost item fee with a replacement copy. Doesn’t let you automatically create a replacement copy processing fee. There are places in FOLIO policies to enter what the replacement copy processing fee would be, but they don’t trigger an action by the system yet. This is still being developed. Implementation is planned.