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Roadmap Definition: 

A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. It also serves as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate strategic thinking—the why—behind both the goal and the plan for getting there.


Themes: Goal-driven groupings of related features, epics or initiatives.


The FOLIO Product Council (PC), or designated group, will manage an ongoing process to gather requirements and priorities from the community, identify major themes, align these with the priorities identified in the FOLIO Vision, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives or equivalent statements, and integrate them into the roadmap as milestones. As releases come out, the PC will update the roadmap to reflect the realities of development and highlight what has been accomplished. The roadmap should look beyond one year.


The PC should post a draft roadmap for review by the community for several weeks and make appropriate updates before releasing major updates.


Once the roadmap is approved, the PC will communicate the roadmap to both internal and external audiences, e.g previous roadmap visualization: