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Affected app or moduleWhat has been changed or added that should be noted for this releaseWhat challenges may arise related to this change or additionWhen can the action be taken (before, during or after upgrade)?
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Title level requests are available with Morning Glory through Settings > Circulation > Title level requests

Libraries must opt in to use title level requests; item level requests functionality continues to be available.

Requests on boundwith and multivolume materials should be placed as item level requests. 

Page requests cannot be moved above hold requests or reordered within the queue. 

Data migration included in Lotus (and update in Lotus HF1) must be completed before Title level requests can be enabled. 
Title level requests can be enabled after upgrade is complete. All open requests should be resolved before enabling title level requests to avoid queue ordering issues. 

In Request details>Request information>Position in queue - # (# requests)  means # position in request (# other open not yet filled reorderable requests). Page requests are not counted in (# other open not yet filled reorderable requests) since they cannot be reordered. 
Fees/FinesThe "New fee/fine" page has now been replaced with a modal, in order to match "Pay fee/fine", "Waive fee/fine", etc.

Fees/FinesThe fee/fine pages are now using the "Effective call number string" rather than just the "Call number".

RequestsA request containing a hardcoded UUID (because an item or instance was discovered to no longer be present during data migration in Lotus) has an updated Action menu only containing Cancel, and disabled links to item and instance records. 

Patron Notices - emailAddition: In the very last step of the process of sending an email, IF an error happened somewhere in the process, that stopped sending the email, THEN FOLIO will retry sending the email. This is a tenant-wide configuration and is managed by mod-email.
See the ticket for the numbers of retry attempts and max age eligible for retry, and how to configure if you DON'T want to try resending failed emails.
SearchInventory search supports now contributors browse. Changes to the Authority search were implemented.mod-search indices will need to recreate for both instance and authority as described hereDuring the upgrade process

Must re-index search when applying Hotfix #1

For upgrading mod-search-1.7.5 to a higher version - reindex is required after update (for a change introduced in mod-search-1.7.6)

mod-inventory-storage To load MARC Holdings during data import flow, we should use pre-defined MARC Holdings source (which is created in the reference data with pre-defined id = 036ee84a-6afd-4c3c-9ad3-4a12ab875f59)Anyone who plans to import and store MARC holdings. 

Before upgrade.

Reference data should be added during an upgrade (by default) 

Export eholdings (package and title+package details)Export eholdings (package and title+package details) will not be included in Morning Glory release until performance issues are resolved. (UXPROD-177)

OAI-PMH (mod-oai-pmh)

mod-oai-pmh does not support multiple concurrent harvests of full library collection.

Recommended edge and mod-oai-pmh module settings that prevents harvests end prematurely on a larger data sets:

edge-oai-pmh memory settings: -Xmx952m

mod-oai-pmh ENV recommendation: 

      { "name": "DB_QUERYTIMEOUT", "value": "2700000" },
      { "name": "DB_MAXPOOLSIZE", "value": "20" }

Multiple concurrent harvests of full library collection were never supported. Results of the performance tests when running multiple full harvests can be found here.   

mod oai-pmh provides APIs for monitoring the harvesting process as documented in the READ.ME file.

Additional information: OAI-PMH Best Practices

Invoices and Invoice settingsThe management of batch voucher export has been move out of settings to a full screen view in the invoice app UI. The details of batch export are still found in system settings.User who work with batch voucher export should be updated on where they can access it.Access batch voucher export from the action menu in the invoice app.
Dennis Bridges 
MARC Authority records

Mapping rules were changed. It's required to update default mapping rules in the database. 

Only applies to a library that has MARC authority records in Lotus environment

Apply after mod-source-record-manager upgrade. Please do the following actions. 

  1. Call endpoint PUT {{okapi.url}}/mapping-rules/marc-authority/restore
  2. To apply mapping rules changes to migrating authority records - run this standalone application - Marc Authorities update instructions (Recommendation to run during non-working hours) 

Data export New default job-profile for authorities was added. It requires to load reference for module.Use MARC authority records


Requires to load reference for module.

  • Add loadReference=true to tenantParameters  

Shans Kaluhin 
EDIFACT order exportHourly and monthly export scheduling will be disabled. If you already configured these for certain organizations you may notice sporadic export performance. User will need to rely on Daily or Weekly options to use the scheduled export.Export schedule settings can be updated before or after the organization has upgraded to morning glory. The side effects are that the export may not run at the desired time when using hourly or monthly schedules.These option will be available again once the issues with them have been resolved. We are targeting Nolana for the release of these updates.
edge-sip2FOLIO user (used for connections from SC) requires permission search.instances.collection.get
New permission can be added to user before or after upgrade - but be done prior to operating SC (after upgrade)

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Data import profiles (non-default) upgrade issue

New functionality was added to show/hide job profiles. With upgrade to Morning Glory, existing non-default data import profiles do not display due to a missing show/hide value. 

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Resolved with MG Hotfix released:

OR manual run script

Link to scripts file for v1.4.2:

Instructions for running manually:

File contains 8 scripts in total (1 for deleted field and 1 for hidden field, for each of 4 profile types). In order to run scripts in this file, it's needed to replace ${myuniversity} with actual value (f.e. diku) and ${mymodule}(mod_data_import_converter_storage) for each script in file (f.e. to have `diku_mod_data_import_converter_storageas a schema name)

Data ImportReminder when upgrading
When upgrading from one flower release to the next, confirm that the deployed modules are of compatible modules and are in the same release. If incompatible modules versions, Kafka messages consumed by older versions of modules can cause problems. When entity schema changes in such a way it usually leads to an API version bump and if module that requires a specific version of the API deployed and the API is not there - it results in an error. Unfortunately, there is no such mechanism for changes in Kafka message payload - topics that are used are the same, therefore a consumer in an older module version will consume the messages.

Kateryna Senchenko 

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Data ImportSettings and Configuration
Refer to Settings and Configuration page for details on modules involved in Data Import. Adjust if needed to optimise performance.
GOBIInvalid mappings have been removed. Essentially mappings for fields that are no longer shown in the UI and have been depricated.Any mappings you may have that include reference to removed fields will produce errors and cause the system to revert to the standard mapping configuration.

When upgrading review the gobi mappings and remove reference to the mapping options that have been removed. see this JIRA

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
regarding exactly what options have been removed.

Dennis Bridges 
Bulk EditAdditional environment variables to back-end module deploymentThis module uses separate storage of temporary (local) files for its work. These files are necessary for processing bulk-edit business flows. Any S3-compatible storage (AWS S3, Minio Server) supported by the Minio Client can be used as such storage. Thus, in addition to the AWS configuration of the permanent storage, one needs to configure the environment settings for temporary files storageFor mod-data-export-worker, add LOCAL environment variables discussed here: otherwise Bulk Edit file uploads will fail in Folio.

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Data ImportProvided script to clean up Job profiles in case linked Mapping or Action profiles were editedEditing Mapping or Action profiles already linked to a Job profile result in increased profile size (unnecessary elements are stored), which may lead to slow performance of mod-data-import-converter-storage, Kafka errors during DI process and excessive memory consumption by mod-source-record-managerFollow the instructions at point 11 - Scripts for Inventory, Source Record Storage, and Data Import Cleanup

Kateryna Senchenko  

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

New Apps

Bulk edit.  Morning Glory functionality covers: