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  • Housekeeping

    • Discussion topics in the planning – Fiscal Year Rollover

    PC Updates (Kristin Martin ) - written only, away today

    • No PC meeting April 14 or April 21 - Happy Spring Break!
    • SIG Updates 2022-04-07
      • Still looking for members for Support SIG, meet Monday at 10 AM ET. It would be great to get some implemented institutions or Acquisitions experts there
      • need interim convener for MM SIG this summer
      • Discussed the need to support implemented libraries when doing FOLIO upgrades, but ran out of time for larger discussion
      • WOLFCon - what ideas do you have? Looking to get more details than just brainstorming at this point. How can we take advantage of an in-person/hybrid all-hands meeting?
        • Looking for dedicated individuals to help plan. See slack channel: #folio-wolfcon-planning-group
    • 2022-03-31 Product Council Meeting notes
      • Update from the Priorities for FOLIO Development subgroup
      • See the full prioritization process and leave comments here
      • This would replace the system of institutional rankings in Jira

    Business/Implementer’s Topics

Chat from meeting


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Discussion items

  • Fiscal year rollover will be discussed soon
  • If you have anything you want to talk about please add it to the implementers list 

PC Updates
  • Kristin out.. Check PC Notes. 

:13Video working group
  • 7 people have volunteered to be on this group. 
  • Need a doodle poll to be sent out to set up first meeting
:15Upcoming UAT'sDennis
  • 3 UATs session coming up related to morning glory
  • should happen in a few weeks
  • Fund export, voucher export, order export 
  • There will now be a specific permission for voucher 
  • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 08:20 AM
    Is this sFTP?
    • Dennis: no, This was a cosmetic change for voucher export. We still haven't done any changes to the way vouchers are exported. 
  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 08:21 AM
    Great to see voucher export moved out of Settings - thank you!
:25Implementer’s Topics Order and Invoice: Link to vendor Organization record #35Dennis
  • Need to create enhancement. It is possible to do and it does follow the standard we have been setting. 
  • In invoices, the organization name appears in the header. People have said this is difficult to see, it's not easily noticed. Would you be expecting that to be a hyper link as well?
    • no, just when it's in line on the details screen. 
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:28 AM
    Any way to check the vendor address quickly within the invoice would be appreciated!
    • Dennis: The primary address shows in reference details, but not other address you have for the vendor. 
  • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 08:28 AM
    Adding the Code would be really great
  • From Scott Stangroom to Everyone 08:29 AM
    where would the hyperlink take you? to the org record or to the vendor site?
    • The organization record in the organization app
  • Sara: Going back to the code: Does the code remain static, and I can change the name and it wont effect anything?? 
    • Yes
    • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 08:32 AM
      This is a good use case for batch edit.
:34Implementer’s Topics on POL: re: Related invoices  #37
  • Sara: For ongoing orders where you receive many things and you pay each time, you want it to show only the piece received on the invoice. 
  • In Kiwi, the piece is no longer displayed there. 
    • This isn't ideal either. 
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:37 AM
    I'd like to see both the subscription info & comment field to the display!
  • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 08:38 AM
    +1 Sara, we like that Aleph feature at Duke as well
  • From Kimberly Pamplin to Everyone 08:38 AM
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:40 AM
    Both subscription info & comment are valuable for ongoing orders
  • From Kimberly Pamplin to Everyone 08:42 AM
    We would find the dates (subscription from/to) really helpful as well, but could probably put in the comment field as a workaround.
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:43 AM
    I'd like to see both fields in both POL and invoice. Related invoices is useful in both Orders app and Invoice app.  We have staff who are heavy 'order app' users & others that are heavy 'invoice app' users.
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:52 AM
    I'm willing to scroll to see both!
    We have been using the comment field to record what vol# we are paying for.
  • Summary: It's important to have the comment field, but would want to want to have subscription information if it's available. 
  • Owen:  Subscription dates from the order or invoice?
    • Dennis: Invoice
    • :58 Owen shared his screen to share an example where a field has 4 pieces of information combined in one cell. 
  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 08:57 AM
    Here's the JIRA to "remove pieces column from related invoice accordion"
    serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
    and it looks like its in Lotus rather than Kiwi
  • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 08:58 AM
    I'd be happy to see this information as Owen is demonstrating now
  • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 08:58 AM
  • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 08:58 AM
    (regarding subscription period, volume #, etc. per invoice)
  • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 08:59 AM
    But the Comment field can be more extensive and more free texty ... just FYI
  • From Owen Stephens to Everyone 09:00 AM
    We also sometimes truncate free text fields in MCLs to stop this kind of over run Sara