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Note taker:
25 MinutesDependencies for deleting instances relating to Circ log and Fee/Fines
  • spec out expected behavior

Link to slide deck

30 Minutes Retry sending email on temporary failure (4xx) MODEMAIL-73 - Retry sending email on temporary failure (4xx)

→ Explain and discuss the consequences. 

Some questions to think about in advance: 
A__ Do we even want FOLIO to retry to resend notices? Is late better than never? And if so, how late can it be?
– N.B.: Please note that: This is a single configuration for the tenant, and not per circ rule/ loan/ etc.
B__ Do librarians want to see the retries in the circ log? Currently, they would not be populated (coz the circ log gets populated before mod-email steps into try to send the email).