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  • Number of concurrent export jobs: 10
  • Number of order lines being exported: 10,000
  • Number of orders: 8,000
  • POL limit 50
  • Export job schedule frequency: Monthly (If hourly export drop a 0 from the amount of orders and order lines)

Real world conditions:

There will be variation in the numb er of Jobs an institution will have. Some institution could have 10 or 15 concurrent exports and some institution could have only 1 or 3. It is not dependent on size it depends when they have scheduled the exports. If they schedule everything on the same day and time or they stagger them.

The number of orders will also vary. Some vendors the library will only order a few things from per month and some they may order most things at specific times each year. Meaning there might be 10 orders per exports and then one day there will be 2000 because they send 2 big orders.


  • Orders must contain all possible data points for EDI export
  • Some order lines with multiple locations
  • Some order lines with format = P/E Mix (Two units prices and two quantities on FOLIO side)
  • At least 1 organization with 2 export configurations
  • At least one organization using default export flag rather than an account number
  • Different exports should export to both FTP and SFTP locations