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  1. Development progress
  2. Demonstration of the new managed/shared dashboard functionality
  3. If time allows, demonstration of the Checklist functionality developed in the Open Access request management with an opportunity to discuss whether similar functionality would be useful for ERM


Development progress

  •  Sprint 149
  • finality sprint before the Nolana release
  • working current features complete for the nolana release which include the dashboard functions
  • some work is going on the backend witch relates to dates we harvest from GOKb, a feature that enbable updates that come true effectivly at the moment sometimes. Dates, when updates in GOKb doesn't necessarily lead when updated in the FOLIO-knowledgebase. That work is happening in these sprint.

Demonstration of the new managed/shared dashboard functionality

In Nolana there are the following changes in the dashboard app:

  • Support for multiple dashboard per user
    • naming dashboards
    • ordering and navigating between dashboards
    • setting a default dashboard
    • deleting dashboards
  • Ability to grant other users access to your dashboards with different levels of access
    • View: dashboard is added to the user's list of dashboards and the user can view the dashboard, but not edit nor grant other users access
    • Edit: dashboard is added to the user's list of dashboards and the user can view and edit the dashboard, but not grant other users access
    • Manage: dashboard is added to the user's list of dashboards and the user can view, edit and grant other users access to the dashboard

There is an extended dashboard actions menu for the new functionality and a list of users to manage the user access to the dashboards. If you have two dashboards yo can switch between them, for example one for agreements and one for licenses.

Sara: Is the dashboard now or in the future going to be rolled out for all apps?

Owen: In Nolana we don't have any additional apps that are going feed into the dashboards. There are plans to extend this to other apps and there is now a feature, Khalilah have been created which do exactly that. We have had some discussion with Khalilah about this and about we be necassary to enable this. If its possible it will be on the Orchid release

Robert in the chat: These are great developments. It seems the pill menu for dashboard names would make long names and multiple names awkward. What happens when the length and number of names stretches beyond the width of the pane?

Owen: At the moment I think it just gets longer and longer, a kind of list of these names. What we would like to do is implement a drop-down menu for the other names and when people really manage a lot of dashboards we have to think about a searchable or filterable list of names

Sara: ....


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