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5 minAnnouncementsAll

Library Congress to implement FOLIO — looking forward to the community aspects of this; the code will be contributed back to the open source community. LC's needs will bring linked data and efficient scaling to the forefront.  The Entity Management Working Group is also restarting its work and has invited Gloria Gonzalez to its next meeting.

The Shanghai Public Library is officially running FOLIO for the library.   Shanghai Library East, the new building of Shanghai Library, will open to the public on September 28, 2022. FOLIO will officially support the daily operation of the new library.   

10 min

Discovery/Integration API needs

Goal: determine if need for SIG or subgroup and where such a group should be located in the group structure

 Brooks Travis 

As cross-cutting functionality, how to organize this—should it be under another SIG or its own SIG? Perhaps this is a subgroup of App Interaction? Some of this needs to happen relatively quickly: patron empowerment functionality, improving OAI-PMH capabilities. Integrations could also go to Sysops SIG. Perhaps start as a subgroup and see if it needs a more permanent home.

Recommendation: start with a subgroup of Sysops SIG with the people that have expressed interest.

15 min

WOLFCon Debrief: criteria creation to evaluate modules - review Scope/Criteria work to address action items

Second group to be headed by Julie Bickle:

Kristin Martin 

Proposal in 2 parts: 1) practical steps to return to what this group does (to be reviewed in the group tomorrow and eventually brought to PC); 2) looking at the FOLIO architecture and longer-term plans.

For a future meeting: a process for how we keep the roadmap up-to-date. There was a lot of work to tie the roadmap into current development; how do we best leverage this work?

Functional Criteria for Accepting Modules would come up with criteria akin to what the Technical Council does. Kristin Martin would continue to lead the group with Harry Kaplanian and Tod Olson. Mike Gorrell would help with the MOU work. Looking for others to participate; this is likely a short term group.

Proposed vision for future FOLIO builds, led by Julie Bickle, that would take on some of the activities from WOLFcon including the app store concept. This will be a longer-term group. Ian Walls, Marc Johnson, and Harry Kaplanian have volunteered to join.


SIG reviews: Spreadsheet

Goals: determine process and timeframe to conduct a review


Kristin Martin added a "Questions" tab to the "FOLIO SIG Status" spreadsheet with ideas about moving forward. (How useful are the monthly SIG reports? Can we have a SIG come in on a rotating basis for a more in-depth discussion?) There is a two-way communication need: to have the broader project aware of what is happening in the SIGs and to have a place for SIGs to bring questions that are bigger than what the SIG can take on.

The spreadsheet was updated with additional information and other questions to pursue.


Other WOLFCon action items:

  • Roadmap redux
  • Capacity planning now release planning
  • Priorities (may need to wait until Martina S. is back)
  • Clarify decisions on cross-council meetings and chair communication

Jesse Koennecke is fine with continuing with the roadmap work and is interested in how others think it would be best to move this along.

Capacity Planning has become Release planning to better reflect its goals and outcomes.

From the Community Council meeting, the cross-council gathering is being planned to meet quarterly.

5 minFuture topicsAll

Return to presentation of Chinese libraries' implementation of FOLIO as a follow-up to the WOLFcon presentation - offering a Q&A

Return to the evolution of the roadmap process