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Confirm that authority control linking to bib records and this process is support with Option 4

As update of authority mapping rules implies changes in mapped fields it potentially affects linked bibliographic records. Hence, updates on mod-entities-links part must be performed as part of regular (update) import process. 

According to mod-entities-links sources there are mapping rules stored to be updated in accordance with mapping-rules changes during migrating to a new release. 

By each update of authority corresponding event will be handled by mod-search and mod-entities-links, where it will be assessed if any changes performed with 1XX or 010$a. 

After analysis the following outcomes have come up:

1) linkage (according to the schema) is done on specifically source records (mod-source-record-storage)

2) source records retain the same during mapping rules update

3)  only records within mod-inventory-storage are changed according to change of mapping rules

4) linking rules on mod-entities-links sources will either retain the same

Withstanding the foregoing stored linkage of records is supposed to retain the same without changes as records within mod-source-record-storage are kept unchangedLinks integrity to be validated after update performed. More clarifications to be added for multiple scenarios when linked fields / subfields are remapped.

Also need to create another ARCH story for longer term solution that we aim to implement for Poppy or Queen Anne's Lace release.