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2023-02-07GallimaufryA session for random questions and clean up.Tara
2023-02-14Spine Label Printers integrationA session to discuss implemented spine label printer integrations with FOLIO (Spine O Matic, LIBstick, etc)Tara
2023-02-21Getting OCLC Records Into FOLIOA session on Connexion problems, Record Manager, Single Record Import complicationsTara
2023-02-28Catch Up Week!A session for random questions and clean upTara
2023-03-07???No agendaTara
2023-03-14Bugfest Working DayTara In Australia! Michelle will be there.Michelle
2023-03-21Cutover ProcessesWe will discuss libraries' cutover processes from when they went live.Tara

2023-04-04MARC AuthoritiesMARC Authorities session (Buddy)
2023-04-11Macros in FOLIOMacros in FOLIO session (Kathy)
2023-04-18Query SearchingAn introduction to query searching
2023-04-25API ClinicA session on the basics of Postman and APIs
2023-05-02Catch Up Week!General questionsTara
2023-05-09Roadmap Discussion"Super Casual Roadmap Discussion" (Jenn)Jenn
2023-05-16Circulation RulesCirculation RulesTara
2023-05-23ABLE BinderyA session on ABLE Bindery (Alissa)Alissa
2023-05-30FYROFiscal Year Rollover
2023-06-06Catch Up Week!General Questions
2023-06-13Catch Up Week!General Questions
2023-06-20The Great Directory ProjectEstablish a project to update the implementers directory, and chat about the purpose of this group.
2023-06-27Library of CongressLibrary of Congress (Caitlin Stewart)Caitlin
2023-07-11JiraJira and how to search/use itJulie
2023-07-18Loading UsersHow do different libraries load users?Tara
2023-07-25General QuestionsTara got stung by a ton of wasps last week, so we'll be having an open agenda day.
Tara is away and we decided to skip! Feel free to hang out though.
2023-08-08Missing ProcessesTENTATIVE
2023-08-15WOLFcon ReconLet's go over the WOLFcon schedule together and highlight interesting stuff.Tara
2023-08-22WOLFCON! NO MEETING!Many people will be at WOLFcon so we well skip.
2023-08-29WOLFcon RecapWhat we learned at WOLFcon.
2023-09-05Tags in FOLIO

2023-09-12Actual CostHow does Actual Cost work TODAY, how WILL it work, and how COULD it work?
2023-09-19Bulk Check In?See slack

2023-10-03The Great Directory Project, take 2Take a look at the discovery table, and take 2 on the directory project

2023-10-17SerialsAt long last, we will take a session to discuss serials management in FOLIO.Chuck
2023-10-24Serials Vol. 1 Iss. 2Our Serials session was so fun, we decided to do a part two!
2023-10-31Bugfest Coworking SessionWe will use our October 10th meeting for bugfest coworkingTara
2023-11-07Refresh Token RotationWe will discuss the changes to tokens. Non-expiring tokens will no longer work in Ramsons.Kara

2023-11-21Tour de SIGsWhat the heck are all the SIGs and channels anywayTara
2023-11-28Reading Rooms in FOLIO
2023-12-05The Australian Library Landscape
Sae Ra
2023-12-12Application and platform formalization???For MarieTaraMarie
2023-12-19Wrap Up!What did we accomplish this year?Tara
2023-12-26No MeetingI imagine we're not meeting the day after Christmas.