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Discussion items

1 minScribeAll

Jeremy Huff is next, followed by Marc Johnson 

20-30 minTCR Board Review


Reminder:  27th January is the Deadline for acceptance of new modules by Technical Council

10-15 min

Technical Council Sub Groups Updates


10 minTC Charter Review
5-10 minRFCsAll

RFC to review from Olamide:

Previous Notes:

  • How to move on to the second stage - could resolve existing questions and resurface them in the next stage
  • Moving on allows opening up the audience, impact on upgrades could be significant
  • Marc will resolve his comments if needed. Olamide can decide what should be in the RFC and what should be out of scope. Olamide will look at most recent questions, document responses and then resolve.


  • We have 4 Weeks for review. Need to form a subgroup.
  • Olamide has to create a new PR for draft review.
1 minDR-000032 - Splitting Database Read/Write Traffics in RMB

FYI:  DRAFT decision record:  DR-000032 - Splitting Database Read/Write Traffics in RMB

Martin Tran will be joining us next week for a short presentation and DR review.  

1 minUpcoming meetings
  • TC dedicated discussion:   11:00 AM ET
    • Cancelled this week (no topic)
*Decision Log Review

Moved to discussion for next week.

  • Take a look at the decision log, migrated decisions
    • Are any adjustments required? 
    • Do any of these require additional discussion?
  • Next steps?  
    • Communication about the consolidated decision log?  Where?  When?  Who will do this?

Topic Backlog

20 min

WOLFcon Hot TopicsAll

An overview was provided of the "hot topics" at WOLFcon.  It seems clear that the TC ought to be involved in these discussions/efforts;  what is the best way to participate?

  • Platform minimal
  • Applications/bounded contexts & application management
  • Blue/green deployments
  • Kafka/messaging improvements
  • FOLIO governance
  • API technical debt
  • ???

Notes: Deferred

Cyber Resilience Act

From Craig McNally in #tech-council:

This was brought to my attention earlier today...
While it's still just a proposal, I think FOLIO should keep an eye on, and maybe even try to get ahead of in anticipation of this.  I will add it to the agenda for next week's meeting.  This is a short read that does a decent job of laying it all out.  Please take a look prior to next Wednesday.  Thanks! 

  • Have folks had a chance to read through any of this?
  • What, if anything do we think the TC should do about this?
    • Raise awareness among other councils?
    • Seek legal advice in anticipation of this being passed?
    • Is there anything else we want to do to be more prepared for this in the event it does get passed?

Today: Deferred

Ease of Installing FOLIO

All / Ian Walls 

From last week:

  • Ease of installing/deploying FOLIO - Ian Walls , Marc Johnson , Jeremy Huff
    •  Primary task the Tc would take on by making FOLIO easier to get up and running. Would also reduce AWS costs so that the money coming from Membership groups can be flowed to other aspects of FOLIO. Tc is the best equipped group to decide on how to make installing and deploying Folio easier and cheaper.
    • Craig McNally - Brainstorming open ended session with Ian Walls and then discuss further before or after WOLFcon depending on the brainstorming session. Ian Walls and Tod Olson to frame the topics of discussion for the brainstorming. 


  • Probably defer, but keep on the agenda so we don't lose track of this...

Revisiting FOLIO Governance

All / Ian Walls 

Slack discussion:  Revisiting FOLIO Governance 

    • Ian Walls - should be best discussed in cross council meeting possibly at WOLFcon. Idea to was bring this up at a high community level not necessarily the Pc or TC. Doesn't need to be on TC agenda next week. Aspects to be discussed at WOLFcon.
    • See also:  messages to PC and CC council channels