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5 min


  • FOLIO Prioritization & Roadmap Working Group to meet January 25 at 9 AM CT (Jesse K. can share link)

30 minOnboarding Task Force report - slides
30 min

Community Council

  • Action Item for PC: Okay to officially close down the Discuss platform?

Report from meetings: Nov. 28, 2022, Jan. 01 and 23, 2023  (next meeting is on Feb., 13, 2023 ) 

  • Council elections: preparations will start early and will be let by Harry Kaplanian and the CC chairs  → qualified volunteers are very welcome! 
  • Treasurer's update: funding is sufficient so far for the ongoing expenses
  • Technical Editor funding initiative: $ 15,800 are committed → means 4 month funding ($3520,00 per month) and a gap of  $1800.- for 5 month to let Marcia Borenstaijn work along with Paul Kloppenborg for onboarding, training and support. CC chair works with OLF accountant at the details.
  • Filling Anton's Q/A role: Discussion about understanding his jobs scope and qualification  - no conclusion
  • Ongoing process on the work of the Functional Criteria Group together with PC → Kristin Martin
  • New FOLIO webside: still work in progress of the 2nd half
  • Resourcing group: work was presented and comments asked: (draft slide deck | working doc}  - results are to be presented at the next meeting
  • Tri-Council Meeting  preparation in CC
  • Email list proposal: agreement on setting up an "announce" email list - still work in progress
  • Proposed change to FOLIO Governance Model
    • specify how to handle ties in elections: not decided yet, but proposal to delegated decision to each council 
    • separate out membership levels and benefits: change was agreed and done: FOLIO Membership Levels and FOLIO Governance Model 
      • "Member organizations will be relied upon to provide the resources that make FOLIO viable and sustainable. The Community Council shall be responsible for determining and updating the FOLIO Membership Levels, including contribution amounts and any associated benefits."

Technical Council

Product Owners

  • Need more PO
    • Holly Mistlebauer retiring, need fees/fines PO most urgently, especially to direct completion of work of UNAM team

Release Planning

  • Meet on Monday to review schedules for Poppy and Quesnalia
  • Still would like to have more information shared in advanced regarding meetings, scope, and activities on wiki
  • Also brief discussion on the future of the Prokopovych team, which is depleted of resources. This has been an ongoing issue and the responsibility of the team remains unclear.
    • What role does PC have in managing development teams and what teams are there?
    • What role does release planning have for managing team composition?

Tod Olson 

Khalilah Gambrell 

Kristin Martin 

5 minAgenda items for future meetingsall