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Attendees: Ann-Marie Breaux Lynne Fors  Jennifer Eustis Christie Thomas Heather MacFarlane Jeanette Kalchik Jenn Colt Kim Leeda Adkins Taylor Smith 

Current development (Orchid)


    • Inventory Single Record Import - Selecting profiles
      • Subgroup Homework next week: UAT for this feature
      • UAT delayed until next week (still getting the testing environment in place); planning to start on Mon 30 Jan
        • A-M send reminder on Slack and e-mail, with testing instructions
        • A-M maybe discuss at MM SIG next week
      • Does info icon text look OK? Yes
    • Importing to create orders
      • Subgroup Homework next week: Add test details and sample files to Google Drive
        1. In the main Order Import Testing folder, create a new subfolder for Test x
        2. Put your sample MARC file in that subfolder
          1. Make sure that the library-specific data in the test file is either
            1. Replaced with data that is available on folio-snapshot (see last tab of template spreadsheet)
            2. OR
            3. Created in the UAT FOLIO environment (details of that env will be provided next week)
          2. Examples of library-specific data: Funds, Expense classes, Locations, Acq units, Stat codes, Vendors, Account numbers
        3. Copy the Order_Import_Test_Template into the subfolder and rename with the test number
        4. Fill in the template details on the Test & Job profile and Order Action and FM tabs 
        5. Fill in template details for Instance, Holdings, Item, MARC modification tabs if needed; otherwise, delete those tabs
        6. See spreadsheet for Test 1 or Test 2 as examples
        7. Add the test to the list of tests in the Order Import Tests spreadsheet 
        8. A-M add link to the meeting video here
      • Preparing for User Acceptance Testing
      • See UAT folder, sample tests, filesBrainstorm tests
        • A-M add possible Jira for creating open orders with Source = FOLIO Instance +/- Holdings/Items
        • A-M add tab to testing template for MARC modifications (e.g. remove 9xx fields)
        • A-M add bug - fix the list of system identifiers in the POL
        • A-M consider greying out the Inventory field if the order is created as Open by DI (maybe with value "Controlled by Data Import")?
    • Sample Match Profiles

Upcoming meetings/agenda topics:

  • Creating orders from imported MARC Bibs - E2E review and testing
  • Gather more samples for multiple holdings/items


Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:00 PM
It's snowing here

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:00 PM
here too

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:00 PM
Here too

Jenn Colt  to  Everyone 1:01 PM
This is hour five of meetings. I have jello for brains.
And snow!

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:03 PM
hour 3 for me

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:26 PM
We would have modifications to remove 9xx fields

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:36 PM
very good point.

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:49 PM
What are the options under create inventory again? Can you show that again?

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:56 PM
I have to run to another meeting. So exciting to see the progress!

Taylor Smith  to  Everyone 2:05 PM