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FOLIO Terminology




  • Review and discuss the latest document
  • Formal approval via lazy consensus or vote

Previous Notes:

  • Questions added to document
  • Some definitions might benefit from being more general
  • What is the relationship between the document and governance/OLF/?
  • Definitions around platform are complex, needs more discussion from TC


  • Update from today's CC meeting (Maccabee Levine)
    • CC and PC mostly happy with it. CC asked other councils for feedback and they would like to keep moving forward to get it done.
    • CC wants feedback by the end of the week
    • Some things intentionally vague to minimize conflict by prescribing too much
  • Comments in document with regard to potentially removing some language
  • Discussion about the usefulness of talking specifically about github and releases
  • Completed review and left both edit suggestions and comments, largely around removing potentially incorrect or confusing information

Action Items