• Convener and notes: Martina Schildt
  • Next meeting:   May 22nd is cancelled

Discussion items

  1. Implementers topics | Cross-app: UX/UI
    1. Enhancements to the UI for Inventory/Quick Marc: UI Enhancement list - status of 2023 (Nolana) | Natascha Owens 


  • Enhancements can be raised by everyone
  • not a lot of discussion in MM so far
  • looking whether there are already solutions in other apps that could be used
  • looking for cases where other apps have the same need and issues can be processed to UX/UI developers for general solutions
  • 1st line in table: looks like a bug → create a ticket → Martina Schildt 
    • "public" checkbox is not displayed in display mode
    • chronology does not display
  • Receiving history in Inventory - re-discuss in ACQ
    • "public" checkbox should be added to Receiving
    • Kristin Martin will add to ACQ implementers list
  • general rules:
    • edit and display mode should display the same information
    • Owen in chat: I think another generalisable rule might be that where possible MCLs should offer the user to control which columns display - unless there is a clear reason not to (i.e. default should be user controllable display for MCL)
  • 2nd line in table
    • missing feature: sorting or rank field is not exposed 
    • users would like to move feilds up and done as in QuickMarc
    • it is soting chronology based on creation date
    • user would like the ability to control that order
    • Kimberly in chat: I can see lots of places where reordering would be helpful. Invoice lines. Order lines.
    • Owen in chat: I agree Kimberly, but I’m having difficulty in knowing what the general principle might be. FWIW we’ve also had similar requests in ERM apps
    • in QuickMarc sorting works up and down arrows
    • in Dashboard there is a drag and drop solution
    • move holdings and items has a drag and drop as well
    • and we also need to consider accessibility
    • Owen in chat: In quickMARC you can at least use tab to hightligh the up/down arrow then press enter repeatedly to move the field the right places; Navigating the quickMARC by keyboard seems pretty nice to me even without lots of additional shortcuts
    • Martina Schildt will arrange a meeting with UX/UI designers (Kimie, Gill) on sorting
  • 3rd line in table
    • pattern for only "save"
  • Continue discussion on June 5th and 14th
  • Question TBD: How can we best share alingments with POs and developers

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