• Convener and notes: Martina Schildt
  • Next meeting:  
  • Ideas on WOLFCon sessions - please add here:
    • UX/UI - need more than one hour
    • cross-app search
    • npot complete - minutes to be continued ...

Discussion items

  1. Implementers topics | Cross-app: UX/UI


Wildcards (truncation marks) need to be standardized across all Apps

  • To Do from last meeting: check with own SIGs whether there is anything that would prevent alignment on specific truncations
  • Laura: no concerns - options are standard ($%*)
    • AI votes for *
    • Ingolf in chat: I would expect * as a wildcard (truncation) and % for a single character. I wouldn't expect $ to have a Special meaning.
  • Martina Schildt to forward to POs to "spread" across teams for consistency
  • Laura in chat: that white space discussion might be appropriate for WolfCon? I know many of us still want leading and trailing spaces stripped out/ignored
  • different expectations in different types of fields
  • locale specific  do not seem to be needed
  • related from UX/UI implementers list: spaces handling
    • Example: In Inventory 'extra' spaces are eliminated, while in Orders they can exist and impact search & retrieval: From Orders: Newspaper  of  extra  spaces  becomes Newspaper of extra spaces in Inventory. If you copy Newspaper of extra spaces from Inventory to search in Orders by Orders Lines, you retrieve nothing, until you add the spaces back → add as one TBD to the list
  • question: white spaces are are they handled by ES
    • we should be able to make it work as needed
  • Sara: query search should be expanded to other apps - well used in Inventory (e.g. orders, finance, invoices)
  • Charlotte: rather think about advanced search
  • Laura in chat: yes, the functionality of query search in a more user-friendly interface is what we need
  • or a combination → would be a powerful step
  • proposal: talk about advanced search in AI TOPIC
  • Kimberly in chat: The Agreements App has a useful method of searching on Supplementary properties via the filter pane.
  • Maura: Maybe a workshop/demo on advanced search as a WOLFCon session? → good idea, or at an AI meeting
  • Ingolf in chat: Elasticsearch has These Wildcards: ?, which matches any single character *, which can match zero or more characters, including an empty one . - I revoke my expectation About % (Maybe that's from database querying) and ould expect ? instead.

Feedback on date formatting

  • Date formatting
  • agreement on the different expectations
  • would go into stripes components → Zak_Burke will forward expectations / will be handled as bugs - no timeline
  • Zak will get back to the group if we need to prioritize

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