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10-11 EST




WolfCon PlanningIngolf

The OLF folks want a draft list of session ideas by the first week of June, so less than one month from now.  You can see last year's FOLIO sessions here.  So, what technical sessions should we have this year?

Let's collect ideas for SysOps sessions.

Meeting Notes 2023-05-12

WolfCon 2023 planning form August 22 - 24.

Attendance in person: Tod Olson Jason Root 

Maccabee Levine has volunteered to wrangle together the technical FOLIO session proposals. 


Suggestions:  A FOLIO install session (suggested by Ian Walls ?). Relevant to SysOps.  Florian Kreft is investigating. Tobias Stumpp Jason Root 

Probably not a big on-person audience of system operators. => Participate in other meetings of technical nature.

Managing deployment. Most are self-deploying. Helm chart completeness vs single tenant installs vs error prone due to many back-end modules.

One project: building a world-wide repository for Helm charts for FOLIO K8s deployment. Maybe not in github. Maybe together with dev team members ?


Allow for a simpler basic install: Define Apps as collections of modules. Mike Taylor gave a presentation last year.

Deployment by Apps.  Not only important for new installers. Easier to automate end-to-end testing. Make testing easier. Enabeling future development.

Maybe the list of supported technologies ?

Sys Ops shall network with other technical folks on WolfCon session.


What needs to be addressed most urgently ?

What are the most important problems:  documentation in  Many decisions that you have to make for your infrastructure.  Decisions about AWS storage , minio, elasticsearch installation ,...     a mixture of different guides is online

Contribute back our experiences.

Database tuning properly. Migration runs.  SRS imports failed after setup of Metadb. Critical non-folio dependencies need to be better documented.     Sessions with reporting people ?   The guides mention PSQL version 12. It would be beneficial to switch to newer PSQL versions to increase performance.  

Linköping University planning go live last week of July.

Other topics:

  • Integrations
  • Discovery integration


Clarify: Remote meeting rooms (technical equipment: PC with Zoom, microphone, beamer, camera). 


From Data Migration Group: potential WolfCon session:

  • High level guidance on how to set up database, resourcing, settings, best practices, Kafka, Elasticsearch (SysOps might run with this one).
  • Session/panel of recent migrators? UChicago, Davidson (June ’23)
  • Would be good for EBSCO to do a session on their tools / Maybe Ingolf to demo migration using EBSCO's migration tools.

For SysOps maybe an overview of what has changed / what work has been going on in this last year, since the last WolfCon ?

Pick up "hot topics" from last WolfCon (cf. 2022-09-07 Meeting notes - Technical Council - FOLIO Wiki)


Other topics that have been discussed in the TC in the last 12 month:


Meeting Notes:

Considered most important by Sys Ops:

Kafka issues

Platform minimal core

cost controlling measures

supported technologies

Topics for future meetings:

Next Meeting will be held June 2nd.  Deadline for session submission proposals for WolfCon is June 5th.

No meeting next week, May 26, because of U.S. holiday weekend.

Status of Integrations

Action items

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