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    1. Enhancements to the UI for Inventory/Quick Marc: UI Enhancement list - status of 2023 (Nolana) | Natascha Owens 


Natascha Owens guides us through the UI Enhancement list:

It would be nice to have the option to go directly into edit mode for holdings and items instead of having to go into "view" mode first
  • Owen:should be an enhancement request for Inventory
  • Owen: skipping dircetly to the edit screen
  • Zak: How would folks know what happens when they klick the save button? - What are the expectations here?
  • Laura: consistency would be good  - to accommodate a pattern across FOLIO would be good
  • Owen asks Natascha: What would the flow be without going through the Edit screen?
    • Natascha: adding more than two option
    • Zak: idea: include an option menu
    • Maybe we can come up with a youple of different things people want out of it and get the UX/UI designers involved too?
  • General agreement: it is worth discussing this topic further - get the input from the SIGs what the default would be - get back to this with a UI/UX designer
When viewing a record with multiple eHoldings it is not easy to determine which URL/Platform is associated with each holdings record without have to open up each holdings record individually--it would be nice to be able to see this information in the list of eHoldings.
  • Zak: are there things specific about eholdings versus non electronic holdings?
  • Answer: The URL is location information for eRessources - more complexity
  • The only Solution might be customization
  • Owen: the MCL method of displaying the info attached to the holding could be useful
  • Kimberly makes a point that different workflows require different views of the holdings or other parts
  • Laura: UXPROD-1732 deals with UI customization
  • Zak: Is there a common way to do this?
  • Laura: one approach could be to display a card with all the info and let the customization get rid of all the info that the specific user does not need
  • there is resistance against the card idea from some in the group
  • Laura: slide deck for Inventory display
  • This is probably something that needs to be adressed by the inventory/MM SIG although it might not be an isolated problem
  • Adressing the problem of adressing certain problems with customization vs. finding general solutions for them at WOLFCon
  • General agreement: Laura gets this back to MM SIG

  • Owen: shares an example of an agreement with lots of agreement lines:
  • there was a long standing request to add the show list option to show the whole list of agreement lines and adding filter options
  • Zak: there is no option for this in inventory right now - the MM SIG has to talk about this

Next steps


Owen Stephens: I think finding a way to accommodate the “directly edit a ‘child’ record from a ‘parent’ record” use case it would be a good pattern to have across apps

   Maura Byrne: Hard agree

Maura Byrne: Maybe we should put a pin in this one and we can come back with more info form other apps?

Owen Stephens: A possible idea that occurs to me is the idea of a “quick edit” where that triggers a modal/pop-over edit screen rather than a full edit screen.

Maura Byrne: And shortcut keys?


Owen Stephens: Suggest we call them ‘online holdings’ in the issue rather than ‘eHoldings’ which (to me) refers to the app

Pamplin, Kimberly B: Summary level customization would be nice in invoices and orders as well.

Owen Stephens: I do wonder from Kimberley’s comment if there is any broader approach that could be taken but I’m not sure what that would be - Inventory is perhaps unusual here in having 3 levels to deal with (perhaps Finance would be another place where that is common?)

Owen Stephens: Orders, Invoices, Agreements, Licenses all only ever have 2 levels that are usual (i.e. Order / Order line, Invoice / Invoice line, etc. etc.)

Olin 111B: UXPROD-1732 deals with UI customization

Owen Stephens: I do think that the Holdings issue here is something that probably could be improved by adding a “Holdings MCL” as well as the current accordions to that Instance display

Owen Stephens:I’d love for this to be more linked up with the KnowledgeBase / Agreements approach for ERM

But that’s a whole other issue 🙂

Owen Stephens: The problem is that you want to have the Instance data on the screen at the same time as the holdings + items I guess




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