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NOTE!!! This script would overwrite rule, be careful if you have any custom rules for those targets

MODDICORE-355 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Scripts were created to adjust mandatory MARC-to-instance mapping rules updates for Poppy release (see MODDICORE-347 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

If existing mapping rules have incorrect structure, the script will not update the rules and will specify field with an incorrect rule in the logs 

Note that this script does NOT update existing Inventory Instances based on the updated mapping rules. The revised rules will only apply to Source = MARC Instances that are created or updated after the mapping changes are made. To refresh all existing instances against the updated rules, libraries will need to run a separate script. This refresh script will take a long time if the library has many instances. 

Script execution

Script executable for POPPYfolio-mapping-rules-update-poppy.jar

java -jar folio-mapping-rules-update-poppy.jar configuration.json

In order to run the script, you need the following:

  1. Create JSON file with configuration (see: configuration file)
  2. Open terminal (Mac OS or UNIX Systems) or Power shell (Windows) 
  3. Go to the folder where the script is located.
  4. Run Script with configuration file path parameter (just file name if the script is located in the same folder)
     • example of an executed script - java -jar folio-mapping-rules-update-orchid.jar configuration.json (Should be executed with java 17)

Configuration File

  • okapiUrl          - your library okapi url. (Can be seen in the app settings → software versions → okapi services → okapi)
  • tenant             - admin tenant
  • username        - admin user name
  • password        - admin user name password


  "okapiUrl": "",
  "tenant": "diku",
  "username": "diku_admin",
  "password": "admin"
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