• Convener and notes Martina Schildt 
  • Next meeting:  
  • Meetings Aug 23rd and 28th will be cancelled due to WOLFcon and travelling 

WOLFcon 2023

  • Chicago, USA
  • August 22nd - 24th 2023

Meeting Name


Potential meeting length

Primary Group/SIG

Cross-app UX/UI

Sched info

Tuesday, August 22 • 2:45pm - 3:45pm

Discuss cross-app UX/UI topics

2x50 min


implementing institutions


Cross-app search

Sched info

Thursday, August 24 • 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Find agreement on across apps on a list of search requirements

80 min


implementing institutions


Discussion items

  1. Ability to save a record without closing it | review button labelling
    1. MM SIG feedback on desired default save behaviors. (Laura Daniels )
    2. Mock-ups (Gill Osguthorpe )


MM SIG feedback:

  • discussed: if there is a single default, what would that be
  • and then various other sub-options
  • feedback is listed here: MM SIG feedback on desired default save behaviors
  • similar options are available in Postman
  • talking about Inventory holdings and items
    • in MM: default button label save & close
    • in QuickMarc: default to be save and keep editing → maybe just label save
  • when editing holdings: 
    • sub-options: save and keep editing and save and return to instance
    • return tio view holdings (same for items)
  • question: do we want alignment or differences per record

Gill's mock-ups:

  • option A
    • 2 buttons: 1. Intermediary save 2. Save, I'm done
    • = save & keep editing and save & close
    • save & keep editing could be re-named → just "save" or it could be an icon 
    • where there are multiple options, offer a drop-down
    • save & close is always primary option
  • option B
    • User can change the primary button option
    • via a set of radio buttons
    • alternative: add a seetings button that leads to a modal where a user can define preference
    • change primary button: for a session or permanently? → needs checking what is possible
  • option C
    • Button action is separated from the button
  • rename?:
    • save & keep editing → save
    • save & create another → save & new

Peter Murray (he/him) ┋ Index Data 15:46
With this discussion of Save/Close, has there been discussion about activating the Escape key for a Cancel-equivalent keystroke?

Felix Hemme 15:46
Not in MM, but that is an interesting idea
It does not work in Agreements in Nolana
ESC just Closes modals or pop-ups, but not the edit view of a record AFAIK

Owen Stephens 15:51
It looks like you are right - it works in some cases but not others
In Orders it definitely closes the edit screen as well
I think that is the correct behaviour
And I was under the impression that worked in ERM apps but it seems only for pop-overs
The short cut is documented as “Close a modal or pop-up” so definitely believe the intention is it works for modals as well

  • this should work across the apps
  • pick up in a call with Zak and create a ticket
  • has to be implemented by each app

Automatic saving

  • would automatic saving of records every X seconds help users?
  • advantage: user does not loose data when forgetting to save or there is a system error
  • disadvantage: sometimes I don't want to save immediately, because I may want to change data again or just test something
  • would need to come back to the earlier version
  • no immediate need to follow this thought

Next steps

  • Get effective feedback from the community
  • Martina will reach out to implementers and invite them to a meeting in September - aiming for  
  • then present Gill's mock-ups again
  • have separate calls with implementers and Zak and John
  • Martina Schildt will reach out to implementers and invite them to a meeting in September - aiming for  


18:01:51 From Natascha Owens (UChicago) To Everyone:
    I do too!!
18:17:49 From Owen Stephens To Everyone:
    There’s some feedback about the current “Save and keep editing” that suggests that as it currently works it’s not quite behaving how the user wants
18:18:28 From Laura (she/they) To Everyone:
    that's about the screen focus, isn't it?
18:20:46 From Owen Stephens To Everyone:
    Replying to "that's about the scr..."
    Yes - because if it does the save and then re-presents the form the user loses their place
18:24:18 From Laura (she/they) To Everyone:
    should we approach Implementers rather than SIGs?
18:30:01 From Owen Stephens To Everyone:
    Completely agree Laura
18:30:34 From Dung-Lan Chen To Everyone:
    Yes, +1 to Laura
18:33:08 From Laura (she/they) To Everyone:
    Gill, I think these are really well presented already
18:33:13 From Martina Schildt To Everyone:
    Reacted to "Gill, I think these ..." with 💯
18:38:34 From Jana Freytag | VZG To Everyone:
    Same here!
18:39:20 From Gill Osguthorpe To Everyone:
    Reacted to "Gill, I think these ..." with 👍🏼
18:48:36 From Kristin Martin To Everyone:
    Sort of like the order history in Orders
18:49:52 From Jana Freytag | VZG To Everyone:
    happy to see you all next week! :)
18:49:56 From Natascha Owens (UChicago) To Everyone:
    Thank you!
18:50:03 From Owen Stephens To Everyone:




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