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  • about last comment; MM SIG has such a huge breadth of responsibility and adding more is a bit worrying
    • entity management wg was not associated with any development group & perhaps a new group needs to be more closely associated with development that is happening
    • do we need to ask Product Council about what it should be? Subgroup? Entirely new group? MM SIG needs to be a big part of it, but run it? Other groups have interests in this too (Acquisitions, ERM)
    • going back to community a good idea; this potential suite of apps will have impact across FOLIO (are we talking about a bunch of smaller apps?)
    • need to know more about the work that is currently happening? how are we engaging? outcome may be a number of working groups, including engagement outside MM SIG
    • need PC to assign developers
    • guidance coming from LC Marva on the thin thread work? Yes.
    • functionality that is coming with LC work a big part of use case discussion; trying to understand the process–are you using work of EMWG? How should we follow your work?
      • parallel work with LC & WG; trying to bring into alignment
      • not just building something that is bespoke for LC; important to have had step-back view
    • don't want to spin up a group that is not very closely aligned to the work being done

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