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FOLIO SC&A Working Group Zoom #25
September 17, 2018

Attending: Kathleen Feeney (UChicago); Sebastian Hammer (Index Data); Christie Peterson (Smith); Aaron Rubinstein (UMass-Amherst); Mike Thuman (Arkivum); Aaron Trehub (Auburn University); Catherine Uecker (UChicago)

Regrets: Gregory Bailey (Texas A&M); Erin Faulder (Cornell); Kathleen Feeney (UChicago); Ricc Ferrante (Smithsonian); Pablo Morales Henry (Radcliffe/Harvard); Noah Huffman (Duke); Julia Kim (LC); Peter Murray (Index Data); Sarah Schmidt (Duke)

The meeting began at 2:00 PM Eastern/1:00 PM Central.


1. The SC&A White Paper has been submitted to the FOLIO PC. Final draft available at No discussion on the call.

2. The future of the SC&A WG. What should the SC&A group focus on going forward? Product demos? Product enhancements (e.g. for ArchivesSpace)? Conversations with vendors? With developers? Something else? Some highlights from the discussion:

  • Sarah Schmidt's suggestion (via e-mail) that the WG calls include round-robin updates from members participating on FOLIO SIGs, as well as reports on how other institutions are communicating to their wider library staff regarding implantation of FOLIO, "both within special collections and across the library." Aaron T. will add these as standing agenda items to future calls.
  • Sebastian suggested asking the FOLIO PC for guidance on the WG's future work. He pointed out that the WG has already identified SC&A development needs beyond the ILS. He also pointed the group to the weekly project updates on the FOLIO Web site, at The updates are based on Holly Mistlebauer's (Cornell) weekly OLE reports.
  • Mike Thuman suggested bringing in guest speakers from the FOLIO PC—e.g. Michael Winkler or one of the SIG liaisons (e.g. Dracine Hodges for Metadata Management). Mike also suggested that the group invite a guest speaker from the JISC Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) project in the UK ( Not exactly an SC&A project, but close.
  • Develop a catalog of ideas for making FOLIO more attractive to SC&A departments (resource sharing?). Review White Paper wish-list and come up with 2-3 main ideas for improvements. Items that have been mentioned before include a more SC&A-friendly acquisitions module and better integration of ArchivesSpace with existing library systems (ILS/LMS and remote storage).
  • Updates from early implementers. Christie Peterson and Aaron R. discussed plans for FOLIO implementation in the Five College Consortium, saying that it's going to be "all FOLIO for the next year". Christie said that the Five College institutions are going with "a basic vanilla implementation" of FOLIO, without any bells and whistles for SC&A. However, input is being solicited from archivists in the consortium—for example, on the question of…
  • Discovery layers for SC&A collections. Smith College is putting a discovery layer on top of EDS in a Bento Box approach; UMass-Amherst is going its own way and doing its own development with WordPress and Fedora. Sebastian would like to see more discussion around the question of integrating ArchivesSpace and Fedora through a discovery layer vs. through FOLIO. Christie mentioned Rob O'Connell at Smith as a possible guest speaker on this topic.

3. Other business

  • The long-awaited re-designed FOLIO Web site ( did indeed launch on September 17, as promised.
  • Planning for the next WOLFcon meeting—dubbed WOLFcon-Lite—is still ongoing. Likely date: March 2019.

The call ended at 2:33 PM Eastern/1:33 PM Central. The group's next call will be on Monday, September 24 at the same time and Zoom address.

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