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Discussion items

Minute taker

Updates/Announcements from the Product Council

Update on Data Import
  • Development has started on Data Import; working on landing page screen
  • Discussing mapping incoming information and setting defaults (mapping profiles)

Acquisitions Activities:

  • GOBI API Integration
  • Proposed workflow for ordering and checking in "containers"

  • FOLIO Order API; Ann-Marie showed GOBI example; once you place an order in GOBI, GOBI will send order information to FOLIO to automatically create an order
  • Ordering and checking in "containers": revisited conversation about structuring orders
    • "Container" could be a package; would enter "container" for Order Format in order to mirror what is happening in Inventory
    • Populate the details in the Container in the "Container Details" section, where you would see "Item Details" if the order was for an item rather than a package of some sort
    • The system will create a Container record in Inventory
    • Question about using Inventory material types in Order records, we discussed not wanting to use Inventory material types in Orders - might make sense to have a field "Container or Instance"?
    • The package isn't physical or electronic, the things within the package could be physical or electronic
    • Discussion of check in and how to associate titles with Containers; periodicals often don't come with PO numbers so you have to search around the ILS to find the order record in order to check in; wouldn't know what Container to put it in without PO number
    • For reporting purposes, how to indicate if a Container is a mix of physical/electronic; need to do at the PO level; need physical, electronic, and P+E
    • Containers could also be used for P+E items
    • Format information (physical, electronic, both) available at the Order level
    • Further discussion needed; walk through use cases for next week on Ordering side

    • Plan is to start UAT for Finance on Monday

Action items