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FOLIO SC&A Working Group Zoom #27

October 1, 2018

Attending: Aaron Rubinstein (UMass-Amherst); Aaron Trehub (Auburn University); Michael Winkler (OLE/OLF)

Regrets: Gregory Bailey (Texas A&M); Erin Faulder (Cornell); Kathleen Feeney (UChicago); Ricc Ferrante (Smithsonian); Sebastian Hammer (Index Data); Pablo Morales Henry (Radcliffe/Harvard); Noah Huffman (Duke); Julia Kim (LC); Peter Murray (Index Data); Christie Peterson (Smith); Sarah Schmidt (Duke); Catherine Uecker (UChicago)

The call began at 2:00 PM Eastern/1:00 PM Central.


1. Review of notes from September 24 call at Brief discussion of ways to keep Index Data fully involved in the project.

2. SIG round-robin/updates from the PC/early implementers. Aaron Rubinstein said that the FOLIO Implementation Task Force for the Five College Consortium in Massachusetts has started publishing an in-house newsletter on its work. He promised to send a copy to the FOLIO SC&A WG list. The consortium is preparing to implement FOLIO in 2019-2020.

3. Catalog of high-level SC&A development needs for Index Data. Based on input from these calls and from the SC&A community at large (e.g. at WOLFCon last May), the call participants identified two top priorities:

  • Making sure that FOLIO works well with ArchivesSpace (and Aeon)
  • Adding a discovery layer to ArchivesSpace

Duke, Smith, and UChicago are invested in these systems. Ask them about the current state of play with ArchivesSpace.

4. Ways of supporting SC&A-specific development. Michael Winkler said that the OLE Stakeholders group has started talking about ways of supporting targeted development for needs that fall outside the FOLIO core platform. It will probably mean that OLE member institutions will have to agree to fund specific development projects collectively and for a limited period of time.

5. Future of the FOLIO SC&A Working Group. Interest and participation in the group appears to be winding down. That may indicate that the WG has run its course. Options:

  • Prepare a summary report for the FOLIO PC at the end of the year, review the charge, and move to a monthly schedule
  • Prepare a summary report for the FOLIO PC at the end of the year and dissolve the WG pending a resurgence of interest

6. Other business (reports from iPres, etc.). None of the people on the call attended iPres this year.

The call ended at 2:20 PM Eastern/1:20 PM Central. The group's next call will be on Monday, October 8 at the same time and Zoom address.

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