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Recording is available on:

Link to the zoom-meeting:

Link to the wireframes: 

Link to the discussed document:

Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Continue the discussion on the points listed in the document saved in:

Presentation of more UX work done by Filip and David, considering the suggestions of the subgroup coming from the last meeting.

Recap from last meeting:

UI updated with real data 

Authority records + bib records in results

Associated bib records display below when viewing authority record in right-hand pane

What/how much info do we want displaying in the column headers in the collapsed view cards?

Spreadsheet where we should input / make comments about the column headers we want:

Two big topics still be addressed: local authorities & local tag tables
need to discuss these when someone who uses local authorities is present


Looked at desired behavior (as best we can guess) for screen readers in the variable length fields

Considered a filter or "jump to" option at top – preferred the "jump to" command, with the focus moving for screen readers while for sighted readers the cursor would move and the non-selected fields would be "grayed out"

We are assuming that it would preferable for the screen reader to read an entire field by default, including the MARC tag, indicators, subfields, and punctuation.

TAB would jump to the next subfield

We do want a drop-down option to look up MARC tags while entering, but don't want the screen reader to read the tag label each time.

That is, it should say "245 0 0" not "245 Title proper 0 0"


Next step


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