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Action PlanNotes
November Retro Board
  • PO should review and double-check stories/requirements before presenting to the team on Grooming to make sure the stories/requirements are up to date and all the scenarios are added.

  • Victoria Rabykina  to create a draft of updated schedule and discuss with involved SMs and POs, share to the involved teams to get feedback and approval.
Updated schedule was created and approved by POs, SMs and Teams.
Sprint 72-74 Retro Board
  • Victoria Rabykina Send next round of polls for the action items to get updates/confirmations from the team on the progress and update Retro action plan.

  • Dmytro Tkachenko Igor Godlevskyi Raise the issue on Tech lead meeting to figure out how to approach the cases when development should be done within other teams' modules.
  • Victoria Rabykina raise the same question on SoS meeting to discuss with POs.

  • Victoria Rabykina Get some devs from a different team appointed to help with finding a solution to be implemented in their module. Confirm that with PO/get some allocation.

Sprint 68-71 Retro Board
Definition of Done updated.
  • @Team To schedule meetings and present any tech designs so that the whole team is on the same page about the approach.

  • Victoria Rabykina  to create and share label for every System Demo and filter to grab issues to be demonstrated.

Sprint 66-67 Retro Board
  • @Team API tests should be part of acceptance criteria of the stories. API tests should be split into a separate story only if the story is too big and implementation takes about 8 SPs.

  • @Team should feel free to add any spikes/investigations they need to the backlog.
Ongoing. Improvements confirmed while Sprint 68-69.
Sprint 62-63 Retro Board
  • Victoria Rabykinato add some hints to Confluence to remind about required fields in Jira.
Spitfire - Jira Hints was added.
  • @Team to be more active on Retro and share their likes and dislikes. Retro cards can be added beforehand during the sprint. Retro board should be available and the link shared in daily Standup notes.

Sprint 60-61 Retro Board
  • Victoria Rabykina Reserve some time while planning in case any additional activities are planned for team-members outside Spitfire team or any additional meetings/discussion to be scheduled for some members.
Ongoing. Planning was adjusted to include time required for work outside the team.
Sprint 58-59 Retro Board
  • @Team to communicate more in Slack and make sure the outcomes of any off-line discussions are shared to the whole team. Add details to Jira/spreadsheet to share and mention on Standups.


Improvements confirmed by the team based on Sprints 60-61.

  • Khalilah Gambrell and @Team to make sure stories are ready for grooming before the meeting and all details are added.
Ongoing. Improvements confirmed while Sprint 60-68.
  • Victoria Rabykina and @Team to make sure the stories are conforming to DoR when taken into sprint.

  • @Team to switch back to joint Standups as we are now working on features requiring close cooperation between back-end and front-end.
Joint Standups are started mid Sprint 60.
  • @Team Run API tests after changes applied.

Sprint 56-57 Retro Board
  • @Team For further discussion: standardized backend API across FOLIO modules

  • Khalilah Gambrell to keep working on requirements for spikes to get them well defined.

Sprint 55 Retro Board
Ongoing. Confirmed while Sprint 56-68.
  • @Team Get more information related to the future plans and expectations for some features to make investigations of Spikes more efficient.
Ongoing. Improvements confirmed upon Sprint 56-62.
Sprint 54 Retro Board
  • Carole Godfrey, Natalia Zaitseva to discuss with JohnM any available approaches of Jenkins pipeline run for JMeter tests related to java module. Details: to verify test results on the freshly vagrant box we would like to have the ability to run tests via Jenkins.

FOLIO-1703 was added to Core:Platform team backlog. (not a blocker for now)

  • Khalilah Gambrell to organize meetings or share info to the team on Standups to provide some details on future work, so that the whole team can understand the high-level roadmap.


High-level Spitfire - Roadmap was added to confluence to visualize the team's focus. Meetings were organized by Khalilah to review Q2 features, preliminary Q2 plan and high-level estimates.

Sprint 53 Retro Board
  • Victoria Rabykina and Team to make sure that Bugs are linked to the original stories (when possible).
Ongoing. Improvements confirmed while Sprint 54-68.
  • Khalilah Gambrell, Igor Godlevskyi should make sure that stripes related stories are reviewed and discussed on stripes arch meetings prior reviewing on Front-end Backlog Grooming, so that all the requirements are clarified.
Work in progress. Stripes meetings are very helpful as per the team's feedback.
Sprint 52 Retro Board
  • Khalilah Gambrell to work with other Ebsco POs and Tech Leads to work out some recommendations on Branching approach while delivering releases and get the info added to wiki pages.
Recommendations are summed up on Confluence at Regular Releases.
  • @Team should try to split PRs (if reasonable) to make reviews easier and quicker.
Improvements achieved as per the team's feedback.
Improvements achieved as per the team's feedback.
  • Dmytro Tkachenko, Igor Godlevskyi to check with different repo owners if they are OK to have a rule of two approves for merging. If some of them are, potentially it can be adjusted.
The rule of two approves is followed within the team. There are still some issues like those within external teams, but it is hard to impose new ruled there.
Sprint 51 Retro Board
This approach is followed by Spitfire team-members, but cannot be imposed for all repo that are owned by different teams.
Sprint 49 Retro Board
  • The team should communicate more in #spitfire channel rather than via private chats, so that the others can get some info about issues, resolutions, etc.
  • Victoria Rabykina Organize regular Reviews/Demos, so that the team can share knowledge on the tasks implemented.
  • Victoria Rabykina Improve Backlog Health: organize regular Grooming meetings to identify inter-dependencies between the stories before planning and prioritize work in a better way.

Regular Groomings scheduled for Wednesdays. Additional pre-grooming for Stripes Force backlog is scheduled for Tuesdays.

  • Victoria Rabykina Improve Planning Process: use regular Groomings and Sprint Reviews to better understand the dependencies, spillovers and estimates for proper plannings.
Sprint results are rather stable across Sprints 51-53
  • Igor Godlevskyi Chase Matt about up-to-date documentation for platform setup.
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