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Discussion items

Minute taker?Bethany Greene


Updated mockup of the "Receiving History” for discussion.
  • This area will be exclusively about viewing the history of Receiving and Check-In. Not driving workflows
  • Separate app: first pane will have search and filter, second pane will be list of pieces, once you select a piece you will get details associated with it in a third pane
  • Information about the pieces: title, issue, PO number, location, date ordered, date received
  • In third pane: piece information at the top, item details from instance record in Inventory, PO line details from Orders
  • Where to store barcode? in item record or in piece? Decided to store barcode in the piece
  • Add payment fiscal year and date paid in Invoice section of details pane
  • You don't have to have a search term, you can filter (ex. show me everything from EBSCO that we still need to receive)
  • Order Type is more like Order Format
  • Need Ongoing vs. One-Time filter

PO Number detailAnn-Marie Breaux

See the discussion post:

  • Should non-unique PO numbers be allowed? On Discuss post, nobody argued for non-unique PO numbers
  • PO numbers will be case agnostic; alphanumeric
  • PO line item limit set to 500

Action items