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Ongoing improvements
Next sprint improvement action items
Sprint 61 Retro Board
Sprint 60 Retro Board
Sprint 59 Retro Board
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to check with other teams what BE style guide is used. Suggest google if not defined yet
  • Team members to come out with the list of tech debt items by Tuesday, the 26-th. Oleksiy Lemeshko to remind during stand-ups
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to setup a meeting where CF team would generate release plan
Sprint 58 Retro Board
  • Other teams breaking changes to be brought up to CF team attention by Monday, the 6-th day of each sprint. Oleksiy Lemeshko to communicate it during SM meeting next Tuesday
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to clarify the scope of PR review activity and level of CF team responsibility
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to bring up on SoS meeting the size of PRs
  • Investigate check style integration (BE): Mathew Reno - spike, Oleksiy Lemeshko to raise it with CP team
Sprint 57 Retro Board
Sprint 56 Retro Board
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to split retro wiki page into two sections: ongoing improvements and next sprint improvement actions items
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to arrange meeting for team DoD discussion once test coverage fix prerequisite is resolved (moved to next sprint)
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to remind Marc Johnson to figure out better approach of handling crossteams PR reviews/coverage fixes/etc (moved to next sprint)
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to define CF team volounteers for specific modules "ownership" in terms of PR reviews
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to continue with ui-only groomings
  • Oleksiy Lemeshko to provide Peter Murray team meetings schedule in order to create zoom meeting using paid accounts
Sprint 55 Retro Board
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