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Background Information

What is the current ILS at your institution?

Ex Libris Aleph

What is the date of your fiscal year end? Please do not include a range of your fiscal year.

June 30

How is your implementation team organized?

We have a steering group comprised of 4 department heads and an executive group member, and an extended steering group that includes the staff who have been participating in the SIGs. We will create smaller working groups to carry out the tasks.

Has your institution hired additional staff? How were they funded?

We hired three business analysts in January 2019 and an additional developer who contributes time to the FOLIO project.

Is your institution planning to be hosted? Self-hosting? Still considering both options? Please explain.

Still considering

Is your institution considering a partial implementation, such as the ERM first? Please explain.

We will implement ERM-focused FOLIO in July 2020 with a full implementation tentatively scheduled in July 2021.

Does your institution plan to run FOLIO in parallel with your current ILS? How long? Please explain.

We will need to run in parallel for at least one year.

How sure are you of the plans described above? Why or why not?

We are committed to the 2020 ERM-focused implementation.

What concerns do you have? What do you hope to get out of participating in this group?

We have a campus in China, so we need to consider internationalization. No decision yet as to whether we'll host them here in Durham, or they'll host their own, which will affect time zone and local currency issues.

Project Management Tools Used

Jira/Confluence for user stories/development/testing, Box/Basecamp for communication and document sharing.

Institution Documentation

Please share your implementation documentation here by either linking to it from within this section or by attaching it to this page.



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