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Background Information

What is the current ILS at your institution?


What is the date of your fiscal year end? Please do not include a range of your fiscal year.

August 31

How is your implementation team organized?

Heads of units directly involved in FOLIO (Acq, Elec Resource, Metadata, Circ), plus a Med Sci Lib rep, and several developers/sys admins

Has your institution hired additional staff? How were they funded?


Is your institution planning to be hosted? Self-hosting? Still considering both options? Please explain.


Is your institution considering a partial implementation, such as the ERM first? Please explain.

Not at the moment

Does your institution plan to run FOLIO in parallel with your current ILS? How long? Please explain.

During testing in 2020, would like to turn off Voyager January 20210

How sure are you of the plans described above? Why or why not?

This is what we wish, will depend on development

What concerns do you have? What do you hope to get out of participating in this group?

Project Management Tools Used

Institution Documentation

Please share your implementation documentation here by either linking to it from within this section or by attaching it to this page.




No files shared here yet.

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