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Of Note:

    • Kevin Kidwell has a degree in usability and is a member of the Usability Working Group in the Cornell Libraries.
    • Darcy noted usability is an important area that is often overlooked when subject matter experts are providing input to FOLIO design.
    • Kevin is the newest member of the Accessibility SIG for FOLIO.

Discussion items

20 minKevin could be a coordinator for FOLIO usability testingAll
    • His favorite method of usability testing is flash testing, using a 3-5 question format that lasts no more than five minutes total, and focuses on how to use a particular feature.
    • Kevin uses a Qualtrics survey for test monitors to record results and store results so they are easily available for reports.
    • He usually reserves a room for 1-2 hours and lets test participants stop by at their convenience during that time.
  • DHH: Could we also use Five Second Testing?

 40 mins How to implement All 
  • Similar flash testing could be done with librarians in their area of FOLIO – both at Cornell and other member institutions.
  • Kevin will come up with a usability testing tool kit to empower others to conduct and record this type of testing.
    • The toolkit would have to point out the do’s and don’ts of usability testing, and teach test monitors about user experience.
    • He will start testing at Cornell in the next month or so to be sure everything needed is noted in the toolkit.
  • Khalilah asked Kevin if he could kick-off and coordinate the testing effort?
  • Khalilah will reach out to Five Colleges and Debbie will reach out to Beth German at TAMU to see if they are interested in conducting usability testing and contributing user stories to test.
    • If they are interested, KG and DH will provide contact information to Kevin.
    • Debbie will also ask Paul Moeller, who represents the A11y SIG on Product Council, to ask for interested parties.
  • Testing may need to be tied to a FOLIO programming sprint or the Fall release.
  • Small work flows we want to test need to be identified.  We should pick something with a pattern that will apply to several areas.

Action items

  • @Kevin Kidwell will develop a Usability testing toolkit
  • @Kevin Kidwell wll start testing the toolkit at Cornell in the next month or two
  • Deborah Hamrick will ask the A11y SIG liaison to Product Council to ask for interested parties to participate in Power Hour testing sessions
  • Khalilah Gambrell will reach out to Five Colleges to see if they have someone interested in conducting usability testing
  • Deborah Hamrick will reach out to Beth German at TAMU to see if she is interested in conducting usability testing
  • Darcy Branchini and Khalilah Gambrell will come up with small work flows to test.