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  1. Review Retro Board (10 mins)
  2. Voting (2 mins)
  3. Discussion (15 mins)
  4. Summary Actions (3 mins)



Personal highlights

  • Seeing document uploads in action
  • Boot strapping of environments
  • File uploads and notes are great and help make the system work for real end users
  • Document uploads are the best!
  • Document uploads (again)
  • Relaxing vacation! 

What went well

  • License amendments
  • SearchAndSortQuery helped expedite license UI work
  • Fast turnaround of wireframes from Gill Osguthorpe
  • Notes seemed to go smoothly
  • Willingness of developers to bring questions back to PO/UX team

What caused problems

  • Development server infrastructure getting in the way of Peter Böhm  
  • File upload needed heavier lifting behind the scenes
    • Grails bug identified
    • toolkit workaround resulted
  • Dates and timezones issues triggered more requirements clarifications
  • Original designs for license amendments caused front-end challenges
  • Took a while to debug a Tags display issue because of differences in browser zoom

Discussion Notes

Date / Timezone issues 

  • Going forward be clear to distinguish between date and date/time in requirements specifications
  • ACTION: ERM scheduling a technical investigation spike in next sprint


  • Work pulling / allocation
    • Sprint planning for initial priorities
    • ERM Delivery Board (Backlog)
    • #erm-developers
  • #erm-updates fallen out of use - is this an issue?
    • many using #erm-developers for when people need help
    • not always clear if something isn't going to plan (exception flagging in #erm-updates)
    • no great love for daily standups