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Discussion items

Announcement - Karen on vacation June 11 - need a volunteer to convene.

From last week: Possible topic - As part of implementation and rolling out local set-ups - could we set aside time to show how to do a function (explain their set-up for patron groups, loan set-ups) to appeal for outside groups? Is that something the Implementation Group could provide? Different tenants will be set-up differently, so different workflows or set-ups may be unearthed. - Could this be a FOLIO Forum? Is the Implementers Group the right place for this kind of thing to happen?
What belongs in the Implementers Group? Does the creation of these shared demos remain in the SIGs and the IG helps distribute? Don't want to duplicate what the SIGs are doing.

Do you have a formal process for your SIG members to report back to your institution?

Cornell - every other month (or quarterly) gather an executive summary of the SIG work and send out through newsletter. Also cover it in the high-level implementation team.

Texas A&M - does round-robin bi-weekly. Quarterly do presentations at all-library meeting

Chicago - monthly have local SIG participants and implementation team. Quarterly, library-wide update.

What can be done before your local test instance is ready? Anya's spreadsheet mentioned in the 5/14 meeting:

Chicago's test instance - challenge getting real-user logins working consistently. Hosted tenant with EBSCO. Using APIs to grant permission sets - working well in EBSCO tenant, some problems in local instance. Has not done patron statuses yet. Location codes aren't getting big changes (done in OLE). Identities being loaded ok. Many APIs have old defaults (max of 10). Locations had this issue and Service Points are currently issues. A good thing for the TC to address. Most activity to this point has been mapping and loading data.  UIU-1053 - Getting issue details... STATUS UITEN-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS - "Me too's" welcome. (Issues related to Service Point max of 10)

5 Colleges - looking at patrons to simplify outside of FOLIO system. Trying to create workflow diagrams of current workflows. Sample of Bibs/Holdings/items/patrons. Refining the loads for testing of circ functions and create circ rules. Ran into the same service point issue Chicago had. Error messages can be a little obtuse

Duke - working on workflows, interviewing users.

Anya - service point issues fixed now. (Bellis release)

Areas other than circ and bib/hol/items - has anyone done any testing in acq or vendors?

Not outside of the SIGs

Patty: Crowd sourcing what happens when loads are done. Using TestRail

Action items

Can the implementers help encourage the project to make error messages more understandable?