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Related Features



  • What is the guidance for appropriate granularity of apps?

Impacts / Dependencies

  • External apps will need to update relevant dependencies

Action items



  1. This is about managing data coming into local KB (rather than accessing external KBs).  Needs to be clearly described as local KB admin.

    Search and Pick UI would stay in Agreements,  but functionality such as UXPROD-1513 (file import ui) would be part of a KB Admin UI. 

    Would this be a separate app or just a separate UI?

    • A separate app (and repository), presenting a new separate UI.
    • Backend would be shared with mod-agreements.

    This would be a different user 'class' to an agreement manager or FOLIO end user. New permissions would be required.

  2. My initial thoughts about these three:

    UXPROD-1513 The ideal approach to data import from a UX perspective is to have all imports managed directly via the UI of the Data Import app as opposed to mirroring functionality of the Data Import app in Agreements (or the separate E-resources/Local KB app, should they be separated). The process could be initiated in Agreements/E-resources/Local KB, for example via an option in the E-resources "actions" menu, or an "New" button on the E-resources tab, which causes the import app to be launched. I don't know about the technical feasibility of this, and there may be logistical issues for how future changes to the app are managed. If there is one place for users to manage the import of data into their system then this makes sense to my simple brain. So, one place to manage all jobs, set them up, re-run them, report errors, see progress, and one UI to get to grips with. If this isn't possible I'd be more inclined towards having a separate Local KB management app than extending Agreements.

    UXPROD-1643 Makes sense to have this local KB housekeeping task together with E-resources as it will need the e-resources search and sort UI.

    UXPROD-1515 seems like it could be handled in the "E-resources" settings.