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Developing requirements for  UXPROD-1057 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Andrea Loigman  (RA convener)

Elizabeth Chenette   (RA)

Charlotte Whitt  (MM P.O.)

Andy Horbal  (RA)

Kelly Drake  (RA / convener Course Reserves subgroup)

Mark Canney  (RA)

Lisa McColl  (MM)

Jana Freytag (RA)


'On the fly' notes from 2018 Course Reserves group

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MM SIG Working Group's -  Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements

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  1. Does this also need to include the scope of records created by NCIP calls - like those from Relais systems? Or is the assumption that those records will be full records in Inventory?

  2. Would it make sense to have something more general like Koha's MARC frameworks?

    See   and for details. On the website there is the notion of a fast add framework. I could think of something similar for the inventory. Instead of MARC fields you then select Inventory fields.

  3. Suggestion of other relevant Jiras:

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